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June 21, 2012
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I was 13, cheerleader the flier. I was consider "popular" or at least that was the label of my clique. I had never dated anyone before then, probably because I was short. The shortest girl in my grade. In my clique you dared not date anyone outside of our clique. Populars dated populars, Emos dated Emos, Band geeks dated band geeks, Skater punks dated skater punks, etc. No one ever dated outside of their cliques.

Until I met him. Myspace was the Facebook of that time. He sent me a friend request, Randy Gerate, I approved it for I already accumulated 589 friends one more wont hurt. He started out commenting on my photos then he manage to get the nerve up to message me. That was the beginning of it all.

We talked online for months, never at school. For I was a cheerleader, he was a skater punk. I slowly fell for him then he asked me out. Once I changed my relationship status everything changed. My friends were shocked your friends were shocked. Everyone asked what I saw in you. But I dared not say what it was for they too might have saw what I saw.

You were simple. Baggy pants, Vans skater shoes, skint knees, and your obsession with X-Treme skateboarding. I fell for you, hard. No one expected it. Neither did I.

We went on dates, we fell in love But at school we did not, we did not eat with each other for there was an invisible boundary between our cliques. It was impossible. People talked and tried to understand why. I eventually after 4 months of dating got tired of it. I instead of going to the reserved popular table, walked straight to the concrete stairs where he was managing to skate board down the rail with all of his friends cheering him on.

No one could believe it. He jumped down and walked straight towards me. I smiled as he approached moved my finger motioning him towards me. As me and him stood in the middle of the eating area every one around stared as he leaned near me and I kissed him. In front of every clique, every student, every teacher standing outside at that moment we kissed.

From that day on he walked me to all my classes, left love notes in one's another lockers, held hands walking down the hall, and ate lunch every day by the stairs. We were in love and no one could stop us. I was cheerleader, popular, preppy, and perky. He was a skater boy, fearless, tough, and rebellious.

I had gymnastics, piano lessons, and church services that filled my time. While he had band rehearsal, drum lessons, and all the time in the world to skate. I loved him just has he did me. We were nothing alike but exactly the same.

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Kenziemcm13 said...
Jul. 15, 2012 at 8:43 pm
Thank you! So so very much! :) I try haha
Sarz216 said...
Jul. 14, 2012 at 11:30 am
Wow! You're an amazing writer!
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