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June 19, 2012
By Gem-Mine-Eye BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
Gem-Mine-Eye BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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Hey Dana,

well this is it, our final year of high school. WooHoo! Where has the time gone? It feels like only yesterday we were starting grade 9.
Remember when we had Science class together with Mr. Furth, and how we would always sit at the back of the class to doodle all over the desks. Then you got tired of writing on the desk and drew pictures all over my arms. It took me a week to completely rid myself of penises, bunnies, flowers, and the imaginary monsters you created. You would not stop laughing when Mr. Furth kicked me out of the class that day for vandalism, even though you were the one who drew on my arm! I took the blame for you, though.

I won’t forget the time when you had to make a speech in front of the entire school and I switched the speech on your cue cards to the lyrics to Thriller. Ha ha, you still don’t know that it was me who did it, too. Well except for now since I just wrote it in your yearbook. Look on the bright side at least you had the speech memorized… please don’t kill me.

You have to admit we both have some great memories you and I. Like the time Vince Marten threw up on your blouse at Darla Panette’s party so I gave you my shirt to wear and I went shirtless the rest of the night. When you asked me if I was cold and I had said no, I was actually lying, not to make you feel bad.

With everything we did together from sticking spit balls on Mr. Carters blackboard to spray painting the inside of Daniel Kindes locker hot pink on April fool’s day. I never once told you my secret. A secret I kept from you since grade 9. A secret I could have told at the many perfect moments. A secret I think about everyday. A secret I wish I could have told you when we skipped English and sat in the football field eating gummy bears. Every time you broke up with a guy I wish I could have told you. Even now as I am staring at you from across the class writing in your yearbook, I wish I could tell you. I never told you although I wish I did. I’ll tell you tonight at the graduation party.

Have a great summer, and life. Hope we can keep in contact. Sorry for taking up a whole page in your yearbook.
Sean H.


Have a good summer, Sean! Please keep in touch.

Dana Minelli

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece while looking through my yearbook and thought it would be a simple but sweet story to write.

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on Jun. 27 2012 at 3:27 pm
originalityisdeadd, Upton, Massachusetts
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I love this.


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