Why are teenagers so destructive?

June 13, 2012
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Crushed by the pleasures of the world sometimes carefree, sometimes careless, we all want to b the very best. We all have goals which are very unique... We live a life of a shadow, which gives us a treat. We make noise we try to be heard, many people say…how absurd. We break hearts; we melt souls, because emotion is what no one knows. Honor, pride and sometimes just suicide. We may be rude and also abusive but the question is why teenagers are so destructive.
Teenagers, the “young adults” which challenge and accept challenges from the world. Some succeed and some just fall on their knees. Anyways no matter who wins, no matter who gets defeated there is always competition. See with teenagers we all want to be the top dog in at least one special field, whether it is sports, academics or just social life. In this process we deceive friends, eliminate our enemies and avoid suspicion. The rules of the teenage game. At the end become destructive.
We don’t care for similarities; on the other hand we respect differences. We want to be respected and keep our hand in the till, and due to this we become what we are not we unwillingly want to be.
We don’t like speed bumps whether on the road or in life. Nor do we like stop signs neither doors. There are no such things as rules and barriers to a teenager. Remember, rules are meant to be broken and all barriers are one day crossed. Whatever stops us we kill and destroy it. In the end who can stop us, who can contain an unrestrained lion? To us stopping is insulting and insult is what we cannot digest.
All the people who care for us can all take a hike because love and care are not in our dictionary. Its attraction and triumph we are all looking for. To achieve what we want is our solitary duty. Isn’t it?
We create allies and groups to discriminate to see whose wits, looks and muscles are superior. To find a winner we have to curb the enemy, and then we turn destructive.
We are confused citizens because differences are what we respect but different people irritate us we hate insult but insult our own people. Honestly speaking, its teenager life…..nothing is real!!!

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