June 12, 2012
By Anonymous

Brie felt Bo’s shoulder digging slightly into her arm. She ignored it though, because she loved being able to press against him, lean on him. She always had. He was propped back on one arm, while the other arm was positioned around her, not exactly on her shoulders, not exactly on her waist. Brie smiled to herself faintly as she thought to herself.

Brie’s eye caught sight of a blinking firefly, but before she could point out to Bo that she had won the competition; found the first one, he asked her.

“What are you thinking about?”

She stopped for a second, to contemplate his question. What had she been thinking about? Then she remembered.

“I was thinking about that time, in sixth grade, when Zac dared you to kiss me,” she smiled and looked up into his blue eyes.

“Oh?” he smiled back down at her.

“We must remember that story differently then,” he looked back up into the sky. So did she.

“Well… how do you remember it?” Brie asked him, finding another firefly.

Bo thought for a minute.

“Well,” he started.

Brie shifted her position a little bit and he glanced down at her, instinctively to make sure that she was okay. He repositioned his arm around her.

“Zac didn’t actually dare me to kiss you in particular,” he said.

“Oh yeah?” Brie said, looking down at his hand. It was so big compared to her small, slender hand.

“Yeah,” Bo grinned faintly.

“But you chose me,” Brie smirked to herself.

Bo breathlessly laughed and Brie smiled.

“Of course, you would make that go your way,” Bo chuckled.

Brie just nodded and put her head on his shoulder. He brought his hand up from around her and ran his fingers through her hair. She breathed out and smirked. Bo saw this.

“What?” he asked, slightly defensively.
“I saw the first firefly.”

The author's comments:
Here's to another Bro (Brie/Bo) story. I love these two. They're so fun to write about(:

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