Red Ink

June 7, 2012
By alyssaiselli BRONZE, Macomb, Michigan
alyssaiselli BRONZE, Macomb, Michigan
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It was Monday morning, which meant that Sarah’s class would be getting their psychology tests back. Sarah didn’t study for the test; she knew she could ace it. Sarah was the type of person who thought she knew everything. She didn’t like to put in extra effort no matter what the situation.

“Alright class, I’m going to give you your tests back. Overall, your grades were great,” said Mr. Hadfield.

Sarah started looking around the room to see her classmates’ expressions. Most of them looked happy with their grades, a few were disappointed. This gave Sarah hope; she knew she should be receiving her ‘A’ anytime now. She was the second to last person to receive her test back. One look at the top of the page and her heart stopped. Staring right back at her was a big, red ‘F.’

“This has to be a mistake,” Sarah cried. “This should be an A, I don’t deserve this!”

Sarah went up to Mr. Hadfield after class to question her grade. Mr. Hadfield asked her if she studied for the test.

“No, but I know everything in the class,” she said.

“Well, you obviously don’t just based off of your grade,” Mr. Hadfield replied. “Maybe if you try studying for once, you will get the grade you think you deserve.”

This was not the first time this had happened to Sarah. She decided that she would try to study for her Biology test on Thursday.

The following week when Sarah was getting her Biology test back, she felt the same agonization that she always did. When she received her test, her jaw dropped. A ‘B+’ was written in red ink at the top of her paper. She did it, she passed a test.

“Maybe Mr. Hadfield was right,” Sarah thought to herself.

From that point on, Sarah promised to herself that she would stop being lazy and study for her tests. She knew it was what she needed to do in order to receive the grade she wanted.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because it was based off of something that happened to my friend. I thought it would make a good story. I changed the names for my writing, but the story line is based off of a true event.

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