Stealing Other People's Toys on the Playground Won't Make You Any Friends"

June 11, 2012
By imckenzie BRONZE, Everson, Washington
imckenzie BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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“Stealing Other Peoples Toys on the Playground Won’t Make You Any Friends”

It was Maggie’s first day of kindergarten. Maggie’s mom dressed her in a yellow sundress and walked her down the road to school. As Maggie walked into school the first thing she saw was all the kids surrounding a table filled with a variety of toys. The teacher, Mrs. Bell, asked everyone to take a seat on the magic rug. It didn’t look like magic at all, but they did as asked. And one by one Mrs. Bell handed each student a toy from the table. All the kids were screaming and grabbing for toys like it was raining hundred dollar bills. Ricky got stuffed SpongeBob square pants, Lily got a Barbie, Tony got a plastic police badge and walkie talkie, Annie got a fake cell phone, Darrel got a buzz lighter, Avery got a teddy bear, and Maggie got a baby doll.

The bell rang for the students to go outside and play. There was a huge jungle gym. It was like nothing they’ve seen before. With three slides, six swings, hang-glider, monkey bars, bridges, merry-go-rounds, and much more. While Lily was sitting on the merry-go-round, she could see Maggie in a distance placing her baby doll underneath the big slide. Lily wanted the baby doll in the first place, so she saw the chance and took it. Lily ran up to the slide while Maggie was still climbing the stairs, swooped up the baby doll and ran with it. Once Maggie arrived at the end of the slide, she looked frantically around for her toy. Did she lose it? Did someone take it? Where did it go? Maggie realized that the baby doll was her responsibility and she lost it. All she could do was mourn. The other students noticed Maggie’s discouragement. Mrs. Bell called all the kids in from recess, all of them ran towards the classroom besides Maggie. Maggie walked all the way to the classroom with her head down. Ricky told Mrs. Bell what had happened, and Mrs. Bell was going to get to the bottom of it. Lily confessed taking Maggie’s baby doll. Mrs. Bell ordered Lily to sit in the corner and skip finger painting.

For the next week, the other kids excluded Lily from every activity they did. Lily soon realized she had to admit her wrongs and apologize. Lily went to class the following Monday and apologized to all the kids, especially Maggie. The kids forgave her and the class made an agreement that sharing is caring. Mrs. Bell continued giving the talk about treating others how you want to be treated for the rest of the year.
I wrote this allegory to have the meaning of life will always be easier if you treat others how you want to be treated. Most people go through a time where they feel disrespected. I wanted to convey that message through this story of little kids going through it for the first time.

The author's comments:
This piece is an allegory.

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