Third Grader to Man

June 3, 2012

I saw Jodie running past my house at 3:30 sharp; same time she always did. We have been in the same class ever since we began school. Which has been for three years now? Three years I’ve been crushing on Jodie; my brother Derrick calls me a stalker; because I know the time she walks past our house; mama would usually tell Derrick to stop hassling me, but for some reason today she didn’t, and I knew exactly why. It’s because her seven year old boy is finally growing up, and she couldn’t handle it.
Tomorrow at recess I am going to make things official with Jodie. I am going to give her a blueberry flavored ring pop; you know keep it classy.
Its time. I walked straight up to Jodie, and said the most clever thing I could think of “Roses are red Violets are blue I got you this ring pop because I like you.” I know, smooth, and very original. She just stood there and laughed in my face. It felt as if my heart shattered into millions of pieces. I knew the older grades would let me live this down. So, I did what any “man” would do; I snatched the ring pop out of her hand and shoved it into my pocket and called her “the most smelliest rat alive”. I could hear the “ooo’s” and “aaah’s” from a distance.
That day I barged right into my room, and told Derrick to shut his face. He pretended to look confused, but I knew he knew what happened. It dose'nt take long for drama to go around the school. All I could think about all day was if she laughed because of my freckles, or my glasses. I knew that an unofficial break up would hurt, but the pain I felt was agonizing, but I knew the cure I took a tub of ice cream out of the freezer and turned on the new episode of Rugrats.
The next day was tough. I sat alone at lunch, and was being teased during spelling class; 3rd graders are tough! That afternoon I was partnered up with Christine Murrain for a social studies project. Christine was sweet and nice, and I knew tomorrow at recess I was going to make things official with a strawberry flavored ring pop.
I learned my lesson with Jodie.

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