Everybody and Nobody

June 2, 2012
By judyleajackson BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
judyleajackson BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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Favorite Quote:
“If I can't be beautiful, I want to be invisible.”

Nobody sat quietly at a cafeteria table, playing with his food. He occasionally glanced up from his mushy food to enviously glance at Everybody, who was parading around the cafeteria. Following Everybody was the perfect Barbie dolls, who all laughed at his jokes. Most of the time, however, they had the same confused gleam in their eyes which screamed that they had no idea what they were laughing at, but Everybody said it, which meant it was funny.

Everybody has everything. Nobody has nothing.

Whenever Nobody wasn't looking, Everybody would enviously stare at Nobody. He envied that fact that Nobody didn't have friends. That may sound strange, but it isn't so strange considering the constant fear of whether his friends really care about him or not. The faint laughing of the Barbie dolls filled his ears while he wished they would all shut up. The money, the girls, the popularity; he'd trade it all just to be left alone for one damn day.

Most wished they were Everybody. Everybody wanted to be Nobody.

Nobody scanned the rest of the cafeteria. Everyone he saw, he considered them enemies. They all laughed at him all the time, every single day. If they weren't laughing at how he liked to wear darker clothes, it was how his hair is always a huge curly mess. If it wasn't his hair, it would have been how he was too short or too chunky. If the teacher called on him and he didn't know the answer, they'd all whisper the wrong answer so he'd look even more like a loser. He was always picked last in gym. He used to sit with the other weird kids, but it made him feel like even more of a freak. Now he just sits with himself.

Everybody, on the other hand, could never do a wrong thing. If he were to wear something strange or ugly, he wouldn't be laughed at, he'd make it a new fashion trend. He made anything look good; he had a tall, athletic build with strong facial features. That was the reasons every girl would giggle and say hello if he passed in the hallway, or make sure to wear low cut tops if they were working on an assignment with him. He could wear what Nobody wears, and everyone would want it. However, he's to scared too try something like that. Rather than be somewhat original, he'd rather wear what everyone else thinks is fashionable.

The bell chimed, and everyone shuffled and started to throw away their food. The chatter of conversations and laughter rang through Everybody and Nobody's ears, which annoyed both. Nobody sighed and stood up to throw away his half eaten food. He started to walk towards one of the nearby trash cans, but ended up colliding with a football player. "Watch it, freak!" The jock spat while giving him a hard shove, causing him to land on his ass. Not only did he have gray mush all over his clothes now, but he also had a developing bruise on his backside.

Everybody looked away from the swarm of Barbies to see Nobody sitting on the ground, trying to wipe food off his shirt. He checked to see if the Barbies weren't paying attention, which they weren't, and slowly walked over to Nobody. Nobody looked up at him, a look of fear in his eyes, and Everybody reached his hand out. Nobody flinched initially, but reluctantly took it while Everybody helped him up. A Barbie called Everybody, which caused him to scurry away from Nobody, but not without a weak and sympathetic smile.

"Were you just talking to him?" She asked as she pointed towards a dumbstruck Nobody. Everybody hated the look on her make-up caked face; it screamed her disgust towards him doing something kind for someone who isn't as popular as him.

"Nah, babe, 'course not." He replied with a fake yet convincing grin. He slid his arm around her slender waist, which caused her to blush and tense up. They started to walk towards their next classes. When he knew she wasn't looking, he glanced over at Nobody, who strayed from the crowds near his classroom. Nobody glanced over, and immediately looked down afterwards. While Everybody walked away, he wished he didn't have this pretty girl by his side, but rather didn't have anyone by his side. Nobody just wanted didn't want to feel so lonely, and to maybe have a pretty girl by his side.

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