June 3, 2012
By emochic8286 SILVER, Jackson, Mississippi
emochic8286 SILVER, Jackson, Mississippi
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live life to the fullest

Mrs. Bitter: A clear head
A clear world
A clear conscience
That’s all I want
Can you give me that?
All you have to offer is sex
And what good is that going to do for me
When we are done
All the misery I felt is going to comeback
And what have we accomplished
Oh I know
You can go back and tell all your little friends about the girl you got with last night
And then you will get props from boys who are just as dumb and ignorant as you are
And me I’m going to get another pressuring thought in my head
Another burden to carry
When I already have too many to carry as it is
So the answer is now
I won’t let you have any of this
Not tonight
Not tomorrow
Not ever!!!
Mr. Confused: I just wanted to talk but …
Mrs. Bitter: oh well hi I’m…
Mr. Confused: I’m (he stutters a little) I’m going to pass cause (he starts to walk off the seen)
Mrs. Bitter: But, I was just kidding around
You know how some of us woman get sometimes
I’m just going through a rough patch (she says as she is trying to catch the man from running)
Mr. Confused: look I.I...I will call (he grabs his coat putting it on in a hesitant way) I’ll call you later
It’s getting late
I need to get home
Mrs. Bitter: Ok talk to you later, bye
Wait you don’t have my…
Mr. Confused :( car skidding out the parking lot)

The end

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