The bridge

June 7, 2012
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I lost my best friend in high school. No one knows what it feels like. Everyday becomes a blur when your best friend is gone. No one knows what happened that night when Jack died, but me. I’m tired of everyone saying that I killed him. I’m tired of hiding my feelings and the truth from everyone so it’s time to let them know.

It was June 5, 1999 just like any other day. The sun was shining and every girl was getting ready for prom. Even I was getting ready for prom, got my nails done, hair done, got my dress on and everything. It was almost time for Jack to come and get me. See, me and Jack have been friends since I can remember. We went to the same school and did everything together, we were inseparable.

It was our senior year in high school and he was taking me to prom. When I looked outside and saw his car in my drive way he came early, and I was still not ready. I still I had to put my shoes on and do my make-up.
Once I got downstairs I saw Jack, and all I could think of was wow he is looking really handsome tonight.

“You look really beautiful.” Jack said once he saw me.

“Well, thank you. You look handsome yourself.” I whispered to him.

He was wearing a black tux with a white button down dress shirt under it, with black dress pants, white dress shoes and he was holding the most gorgeous corsage I have even seen. It was a pink rose with white leaves. It matched my dress beautifully. I had a long dress, all pink and it was strapped less the way I wanted it.

After we took pictures, we got in the car and took off to prom.First we stopped at our favorite restaurant. It was called Toms Fish and Sea.They had the best food in the world to us, and it was cheap to. We both enjoyed each other’s company but we were both to excited to go to prom.

After driving for 30 minutes we stopped on our favorite old one-way bridge on top of a lake to take a picture. He was always taking pictures no matter where he went. Finally after taking I don’t know how many pictures’ we can go to prom.

Once we got there it was the most elegant scenery that I have ever seen. Everyone looked graceful in their dress and tuxes. The men would hold the doors for the women, and they would also dance with their date. When I say dance I mean hand to hand and space between them. When the dance was over Jack and I left to go home. We both had the most wonderful night of our lives.

Once we got to our favorite old one-way bridge there was no one coming then…

That’s when it happened.

There was this truck coming on the bridge and it wasn’t going to stop. So Jack put the car in reverse to try to get off the bridge. But, the car was stuck between the woods of the bridge, and we couldn’t move. I was freaking out because I did not want to die tonight on the most wonderful night of my life.

“Abigail, on the count on three we are going to jump off the bridge and into the water.” Jack said.

I was ready when he was. The truck was coming closer and closer to us.

“Ready Abigail?” Jack asked.

“Yes I am.” I said.

“One…” Jack shouted.

“Two…” I shouted back.

“Three!! Abigail JUMPP…” Jack yelled.

That’s the last thing I heard from him. I jumped and landed in the freezing cold water. I didn’t’ hear another splash after I landed in the water. When I came back up for air I was looking for him, but he was nowhere to be found. My heart was pounding out of my chest, I started to yell to see if he landed somewhere else in the water, but there was no sound to be heard other than the rushing water. I got to the land and crawled back to the bridge.

All I could see was the truck stopped and something had stopped it. Once I made my way to the front of the accident, all I saw was blood. There was so much blood everywhere. Then that’s when I noticed that Jack did not jump he was still in the car.

There was blood everywhere in the car, on the window, on the seat, on the dashboard, blood splattered everywhere. Once I saw Jack, his head was split open; you could see that he hit the steering wheel when the truck hit him.

The truck driver came out of the truck, the hairy good for nothing killing man came out and he reeked of alcohol.

The only thing he had was a scratch on his head, but as for Jack he was dead. My face was red like a cherry because I was so infuriated that this man killed my best friend. I was so frustrated I started to cry and tears wouldn’t stop; they kept on coming and coming. All I could think of was why a hairy good for nothing killing man would do such a thing to an innocent person like my best friend.

“Are.. you.. okay?” He muttered.


“Well…I… didn’t see you guys coming on the bridge.” He uttered.


After that I called the cops and they showed up. I told them my story and then they left to listen to the drunk driver story. They tested him if he was driving under the influences of alcohol. Guess what he was. They kept on asking me if I was okay, but I wouldn’t answer back I would just sit there in silence so they could stop asking me questions. I was still in shock from everything. They pronounced Jack dead at the scene. Like I didn’t know that already. They took the good for nothing blind stupid a** man to jail. Even that wouldn’t bring Jack back.

Later that night they took me home and asked me if I wanted to go over to the Johnson house. Of course I wanted to go, they were my best friend’s parents so why wouldn’t I, and they need to know what happened. Once the cops told Mr. and Mrs.Johnson what happened to their son, they couldn’t hide the pain they were in. All of a sudden Mr. Johnson looked up at me with those evil eyes as if I killed his son. It made me feel really uncomfortable that he is blaming me for killing his son when it wasn’t me. Then Mrs. Johnson got up walked to me and hugged me, she didn’t know what I saw but she knew how I felt.

Since then Mrs. Johnson and I would sometimes go out for coffee and just talk, but Mr. Johnson would always give me the evil eye no matter what.

No one knows what it’s like to lose a best friend on prom night. Will someone feel the same way as I feel, maybe, but for now no one knows?

Finally the truth comes out on what really happened that night. If they still think that I killed him then let them because I know the truth and that’s what matters the most.

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