May 31, 2012
By midalia morales BRONZE, Milwaukee, Other
midalia morales BRONZE, Milwaukee, Other
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Bullying!!! By Midalia M
Bullying can be a lot of things to different people. Bullying can be being called names to some people. Or it can be someone who gets beat up by the same person over and over again to some people. For me, bullying is when someone or a group of people exclude one person from everything they do, or when someone makes fun of another person or harasses another person. That’s what bullying is to me! Many people have heard about bullying or read about it…I saw it happen to my best friend.
My best friend was a lesbian. She was about fourteen when she found out she was different. She was a normal girl, had a lot of friends, went over to their houses and went to their parties. But, when she told them she was a lesbian none of them talked to her anymore. One of her friends named Sara started talking about her behind her back. She started hearing people whispering about her when she walked by them. No one would talk to her or look at her. When she walked by people would call her a lesbian freak or a disgrace to everyone. I heard my friends talking about her one day, saying how she was nasty and alone. I felt really bad for her.
That same day I saw her eating lunch all alone. I sat right next to her. She seemed shocked that I actually sat next to her. No one had talked to her for weeks now.
“Why are you sitting by me?” she asked.
“Because you were all alone and I thought you needed to talk to someone.” People were starting to stare now. She looked uncomfortable so I started asking her why she was always alone. She never answered any of my questions. I understood why. She didn’t want to tell me she was a lesbian because she thought I would talk about her like everyone else. About five minutes later some girl named Sara came over to our table.
“Why are you sitting by this freak?” She asked giving her a disgusted look.
“Because I want to,” I responded.
“Well, did you know Jennifer,” she said pointing to her, “was a lesbian?”
“Yeah, so?”
“Well, she likes girls! She’s a freak.”
“She is perfectly normal.” Jennifer smiled at me. Sara walked away and stuck her finger up at us.
While I was walking down the hall with Jennifer, Sara stopped us. She had a huge smile on her face. She had both of her hands behind her back. She took whatever it was behind her back and poured it all over Jennifer. She called her a lesbian freak and walked away laughing, just like everyone else in the hallway. Jennifer ran into the girl’s bathroom. I followed her. When I made it to the bathroom she was looking in the mirror crying.
“It’s paint, “she said. I walked over to the sink and wet a paper towel. I tried to wipe the paint off but it wouldn’t budge. Jennifer just stared at the mirror. After about twenty minutes of trying to get the paint off we gave up.
“I’m just going to go home. Thanks for the help.” I walked her to the principal’s office. All the while, people were laughing and staring at her with disgusted looks on their faces. The principal called her house and Jennifer’s mom picked her up.
The next day wasn’t any better. People just got worse.
At lunch people threw food at her. I told them to stop but that didn’t help. She just sat there. People called her freak, an animal and every other terrible name you can call someone. But that wasn’t the worst. At the end of the day when she was putting her stuff away in her locker Sara came up to her.
“You shouldn’t be alive. You are a disgrace to mankind. You are a freak and a loser!” Jennifer began to cry.
“Leave her alone,” I told Sara. She didn’t listen to me. Sara held up her fists and punched Jennifer in her face. Instantly blood gushed out of her nose. I stepped in front of Sara to block Jennifer who was now crying more. Sara turned and walked away, laughing.
The next day I didn’t see Jennifer. The principal called me to her office after lunch.
“Hi Emily,” she said.
“Your friend Jennifer is gone.”
“What do you mean by gone?”
“She committed suicide last night after school.” I started to cry. I only knew her for about two weeks, but she was already my best friend. This was because of Sara, I thought. I walked out of the office. I found Sara in the hallway talking to her friends. She made me sick!
I pulled her from her friends and punched her in the face. All of her friends ran screaming. I punched Sara over and over again. She was bleeding from hr lip and nose. I kept on punching her harder and harder. Finally, someone pulled me off of her. She looked beat up and scratched up. Good, I thought! She got what she deserved. I smiled at her the same way she smiled at Jennifer.
“You killed her!” I yelled.
She needed to know what she had done to me and Jennifer. I never saw Sara again.

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