A "Hushhh" Fell Over His World

May 31, 2012
By Wicked_Lovatic_13 BRONZE, McDonald, Pennsylvania
Wicked_Lovatic_13 BRONZE, McDonald, Pennsylvania
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There he was. Lying there, contemplating what to do. Staring at the walls, a tear runs down his face. "What is the point, anymore? I have no purpose. No one would miss me, not even her. I've had enough of this world, I'm saying good-bye."


Re-wind. Why is he even thinking about suicide?
Well, the man is 46 years old, now. He has a wife and two kids. They all love him, but they don't have the best relationships. You see, the couple fights all the time over the dumbest-of-things. The children, well, they're there. Not much else to say. Then, there's the dog...Oh, that dog. She's always causing mischief. Jazz, I think her name was? Anyway, the man has had depression for a while, now. He hasn't been taking his medicine and no one's noticed.


His wife runs into the house, slamming the door behind her. She screams the man's name as tears run down her eyes.
He blankly stares at her, drowning the world out in his bed again.

They have been forced to move out of their house and their dog has died.
"What's left of me?" the man asks God, "Why should I keep living, when all I do is cause pain?"

And there he is, gun to his head.

End it.
Pull the trigger.
No one will miss me.
I hate my life.
I love them all, still, though..."
Were all thoughts he thought to himself.
The man's wife and children were all at home, yelling at each other.

CRACK. He shoots the gun straight into his skull, ending his hell.
The family all looks around, confused. They then walk around the house, still arguing, eventually going into the man's room and finding his dead, bloody body.

Finally, A "Hush" Fell Over His World.

The author's comments:
My uncle committed suicide when I was young. I didn't really like him, mostly because I never talked to him. No one told me he committed suicide until I got into a fight with my dad. You see, I always thought he died in his sleep, but something seemed "fishy" about that. During the fight, I exclaimed, "You know why I don't sleep?! It's because I'm afraid I'll die in it, just like (My uncle's name) did!"
My dad then told me that he killed himself.
A "hush" fell over our conversation as I sat on the couch, shocked.

Also, my uncle did have family issues, resulting in how I wrote this article.

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