Just a Moment

June 7, 2012
“It’s summertime!” Ginger threw open her arms as she fell face-first into the gentle rainbow meadow of soft flowers. The afternoon sun glowed brightly, encasing everything in a warm veil.

What do you plan on doing from now until school starts again?

“Who cares?! I just want to enjoy the moment while it’s here. I don’t need to worry about anything for a while. Not school, not work, not my family, and certainly not about Reed.” Ginger turned onto her side and began playing with a delicate flower. Her long, walnut-brown hair showered loosely around her, as if making a blanket.

What about me? Will you worry about me?

“Maybe. Can’t you just give me some time to think alone first?! You’re stressing me out.”

Maybe I need to bother you. It’s not good to let all your problems bunch up like that.

“I don’t have problems in my life. The only problems are with everyone else.” A little too much pressure, and the flower was now separated from its stem. She lazily tossed it aside and began playing with another blossom.

Oh? And what are their problems?

“You already know. There’s no need to make me say it again.”

No, I don’t know. Why don’t you enlighten me?

The young high-schooler sat upright suddenly. Her white and blue uniform was already dirtied by dark green grass stains and colorful spots from various plants. “If I tell you, will you leave me alone?”

There was no reply to her question. She continued talking anyway.

“I didn’t do so well this year in my classes. Mom and dad are going to kill me.” Ginger closed her eyes and randomly pulled at the vegetation at her sides with all her might. “They know I try hard, but I really didn’t spend a lot of time on my final project. Art’s my best subject, and I got an F! I can’t face them now.” The flower she had unconsciously pulled was suddenly missing all its petals. It was just a green stem with a black dotted heart at the end.

Ginger threw that away too. “And Barney’s going on a honeymoon with his new fiancé. They won’t need me at the shop. It’s too late for me to apply for a job anywhere else. They’ve all been taken, so I won’t be able to bring in my fair share at the end of the month for the family.”
An albino rabbit scurried close by her. It stared curiously at the strange doll. It was bigger than any other kind it had ever seen before. The rabbit would have believed it real had it not been for the same emotionless eyes and eerie stillness shared by all of doll kin.
It ran away in fright when the doll tilted its head up and stared straight in its direction, speaking in a tongue foreign to the small creature.
“I really thought everything was making a change for the better. Reed and I were so close. He owes me an explanation. It’s not right for him to just leave me like this. He’s a jerk. A JERKFACE!” Salty liquid fell from her face as Ginger screamed her emotions for the meadow to hear. After her throat became sore and tired, and her tear ducts contained no more water, she fell back again into meadow, exhausted. She positioned herself as if she was going to make an angel figure in the midst of all the plants.
Then the voice came back.

So what do you plan to do now?

“The same thing I always do. Obviously.” Ginger stood up and dusted herself off.

What do you “obviously” do?

“I gotta suck it up, don’t I? It’s not fair, but what else can I do about it? I bet you don’t think I’m strong enough for the job.” She gazed at the field all around her and slowly, deliberately moved, plucking the liveliest and most vibrant-colored flowers around her.

No! I have total faith in you.

“That’s what you said last time too.”

I’ll say it as many times as I need to until you get your butt moving. It sounds like you have a lot of work to do.

“You bet. That’s why I’m glad you’re here. It’s a lot easier to let out my frustration around you. Thanks.” A smile came over the girl’s face.

Of course! I’ll always be here.

Ginger walked across the meadow into a small clearing. The flowers there were in full bloom. Their hues spanned every color imaginable to the universe. At the center lay a small homemade plaque, which read:

In loving memory of Iris Jennifer Morales, an optimistic dreamer who fought for her life against cancer. May she be forever remembered here in her secret garden.

Once Ginger’s bouquet was situated firmly next to the plaque, she went home. The sea of Iris bowed gently to the wind as she walked, almost as if they too, were paying their respects.

Primary Meanings of the Iris: Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Courage and Admiration.

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