The First Time

May 31, 2012
By shoobs BRONZE, Granger, Indiana
shoobs BRONZE, Granger, Indiana
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Josie sends a text to Mason telling him she has something very serious she needs to talk to him about involving her childhood. She makes sure to tell him that it has nothing to do with their relationship or breaking up with him but it might be something that could effect their relationship down the road. Worried Mason rushes into the shower to get himself ready and texts Josie back to tell her that he will be over in about thirty minutes.

Mason arrives at Josie's and lets himself in as Josie told him too since her parent are once again not home. Josie sits quietly and patiently on her living room couch with a gloom expression on her face. The bright fall sun shines through the window onto the dark brown, leather couch. Josie motions Mason over to the couch, Mason slips off his bright white Nike's and scuffs his feet towards her feeling the heat build up from the carpet under his feet and then flops onto the couch. Josie slightly bounces as Mason sits down and scooches closer her. Josie then starts to tear up but reminds herself to be strong about this.

"I have something very serious to tell you about my relationship with my father.." Josie quietly mutters.

"Okay, you can tell me anything baby, I won't judge you and I'll always be here for you no matter what." Mason quickly responds.

"Well here goes nothing, " Josie slowly grabs her center as she continues, "My father, well he hurts me."

"Josie Lynn Reed, what do you mean he hurts you? Like physically? Like emotionally? Like what my love, just tell me. Tell me please. I'm worried." he frantically responds

"Like physically, like he hits me, and whips me, and throws me, and he kicks me, and pushes me, and punches me, and slaps me, and I just don't know what to do." Josie slowly mutters and tears start to run down her face. Mason grabs for her hips and gives her a warm embrace and Josie winces from the pain her father had previously given her. Mason slowly lifts up her baggy t-shirt to see bruises, scars, and scabs of all sorts covering her torso and back. Mason just covers his face and starts to cry, trying his best to hide his tears. Josie places her hands on his cheeks and raises his head up for him to look at her as he wipes the tears away from his eyes.

"Why does he do that to you Josie Lynn?" Mason's voice shakes with every word that he says.

"I really don't know Mason, I wish I did so I could fix it." Josie calmly responds

"Well, in my mind there's not one thing wrong with you, you're one amazing girl and an even better girlfriend. You mean more to me than you will ever know and I'm going to find a way for this to stop. I hate seeing and knowing that you're in pain."

"Babe, I'm fine. Don't worry about me, I'll be okay!" Josie quickly interjects.

"Can I know how it all started?" Mason inquires. Josie's face becomes blank, but thinks that Mason being her boyfriend of four years deserves to know.

"It all started on Monday, January 24, 2004. I was nine years old. My dad was teaching me how to play basketball because at that point in my childhood I was obsessed with basketball. I hated cheerleading with a passion, go figure. Anyways, he was teaching me how to pick and roll and I had the ball and he told me to try to shoot but not to bump into him. Of course me being nine I didn't fully understand what he was telling me to do and I really, really wanted to beat my dad. He had never let me win and I had realized. He was fair and square about everything that we did. So as I was dribbling he picked me and I rammed into him with all the force I had in my tiny little body, which then caused him to fall over onto the hard and rock filled road that lays in front of our old house. I did a perfect lay up to score on him, which had meant that I won. As proud of myself as I was, I held my celebration in and rushed over to my father to see if he needed my help at all. He just laid there with his eyes closed and screamed at me to go inside to go sit in the basement and wait down there for him. I walked my ecstatic self to the basement. I had wondered why he wanted me to go to the basement considering the fact it was unfinished and he always hated going down there unless it was for him to go and get drunk. I slowly walked down each step placing one foot and then the other on each step as I had the death grip on the railing with my right hand and my left hand holding onto my basketball. My ponytail was bouncing with every step I went down as my size 5 Nike basketball shoes squeeked on the wood stairs. I stood there gripping my brand new basketball, looking around at the new level of my house I had never gotten to experience. I then heard my father come down the stairs, his torn up Nike’s alssqueakng as he forcefully walked down the stairs. He started to walk towards me and smacked the basketball out of my arms. At first I thought he was just playing around so I went to go get it, he gripped my wrist with all the strength in his hand. My soft nine year old voice muttered “daddy, what are you doing?” He then responded with a “giving you exactly what you deserve.” Not understanding what he was talking about I just went with what he was doing. He picked me up and threw me on the ground. As I fell I heard my body parts hit the cement ground. I don’t want to go into too much detail but he basically hit me, kicked me, and punched me. As he started to hurt me more and more things progressively got worse. And ever since that day my lovely father has hit me almost every day or the days where I seem to do something he doesn’t like or doesn’t agree with.” Josie finished and slowly looked up at Mason.

“Baby, I am so so so so so so so sorry! I had no idea, I should have noticed. What can I do? Do you want to stay with me and my family? You know that if things get worse that you can come stay with me right? Wait, babe, have you reported him? Will you report him for me and your mom? Pleaseeeee baby girl.” Mason begs.

“I have reported him twice, we have a person from CPS that comes and checks on me. It’s almost to the point where my dad gets kicked out. But I’m really okay, Mason! Don’t worry about me. I’m strong and I know I’ll make it through.” Josie confidently tells him.

“Okay Josie. Just don’t let things get worse and keep me updated on how things are. I’ll stay on the phone with you all night if I need to. I’ll do every little thing I need to in order for you to be okay.” Mason responds.

“I will babe. I can promise you that. Thank you for understanding. Now can we just cuddle and watch a movie?” Josie questions.

“Oh of course, I thought you would have never asked!” Mason answers.

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