How'd this happen?

June 4, 2012
By Scarlatte127 BRONZE, Avinger, Texas
Scarlatte127 BRONZE, Avinger, Texas
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"Smile, you never know who's falling in love"

Try to walk in my shoes just for a second. You’re a freshman at a really small school. You have some friends, but they’ve changed since eighth grade. You don’t really have a clout you’ve only been there for one year prior. You have a boyfriend, but he’s not the type that you want sticking around, he’s more so you’ll have something to do with your free time. Then there’s this other guy, he’s been around since the beginning. You really like him, but he’s like a big brother nothing more. You joke with him and hope that one day he’ll tell you that he likes you and whisk you away to some magical place.
Any way, one day your boyfriend forgets about you and leaves, even though he promised to give you a ride. You don’t want to call your mom or dad and give your boyfriend a bad name so you shyly ask your guy friend for a ride. He says “Yeah, it’s a straight shot, no problem.” You smile and get in. You think nothing of it when he turns wrong; maybe he knows a short cut. Then you stop. You ask him “What are you doing?” Then he asks for something. Your minds saying “No!” but your body says “Why not?” before you know it, it’s happened.
You go home and tell your parents your back. They ask how it went, and you say great. They ask what took so long and you say you got lost and ran out of gas. They laugh and say that your boyfriends such a klutz. You laugh half-heartedly and agree. You go to your room and throw up twice before the shaking stops. You brush your teeth and look in the mirror, then the crying starts. You don’t stop crying until he calls. You answer. “are you okay” he asks in a hushed whisper. “yes” you lie just wanting to get off the phone. You hear his voice relax and then he laughs “I think you left your pants and a ring in my truck. I’ll giuve it to you Monday .” You choke out a “OK” and hang up. You try to distance yourself from the situation and it works. At least until you're late, then everything floods back into your mind and then here you are.

The author's comments:
The beginning of a book, I hope!

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