June 4, 2012
By missyrayne BRONZE, Rosamond, California
missyrayne BRONZE, Rosamond, California
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Favorite Quote:
never give up

screams and tears
lots of fears,
beaten and bruised,
all for amuse
gun shots from he**
now; a normal bell

screaming and shouts
then; late nights out
knifes in walls
can someone call
help for me!

what did i do?
nothing, i believe
everyday after school
beaten and abused

when daddy gets home
I'm safe from harm
i tell him the bully from
school hit me again
i know its a lie
but if i tell daddy
i may die

i cry myself to sleep at night
hoping not to wake up late
because going to school
is my only escape

when daddy gets home i see the light
may i go home where gates are gold
instead of where grass doesn't grow
i wanna tell daddy
but he isn't here

so day after day
mommy pushes me away
why cant daddy just stay home?

my body hurts
and is all bruised up
daddy quit asking about the bully from school
maybe he knows.

i told the teacher at school today
the counselor told me to stay away
from my mommy

the cops took me away tonight
to a place there is no fright
daddy came and seen me tonight
i really just held him tight

he told me me i was coming home
mommy cant hurt me I'm safe from harm
mommy's in jail and daddy keeps me safe
a lady comes and checks on me
and sees that I'm okay

no bruises and screams
you know what i mean
daddy keeps me safe and warm
with no, none at all any harm

so this is when i say goodnight
hopefully i will see you
in the bright morning light

The author's comments:
this is deep dark and not the happiest poem/story but i hope the ones who read this can imagine what is going on. this is not something i would normally post but it shows what one can write in the stage of any stage of depression

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