the last day of my life

June 8, 2012
By Anonymous

My name is Kate Milton. I was always the girl that stood out from the rest. Normal girls that were 16 wanted dates and boyfriends while I only wanted a friend who wouldn’t let me down. I would walk to and from school alone even though I had a twin sister. Everything was perfect up until we entered high schools. We were like the same person then she made new friends. She was part of the “popular” crew. We couldn’t eve talk at the dinner table without starting an argument. Worst of all we shared rooms and we were like worst enemies. Another thing that caused our friendship to end was that our father left a few years before high school. We might be blood related but we weren’t friends at all. Our single mother didn’t know how to deal with us. Late at night I could hear my mother cry. I didn’t like to see her like that. I thought about running away a few times or maybe even suicide.

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