Avery Adams

May 30, 2012
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Avery Adams had her fingers hooked tightly in her belt loops, as she hung off the railing of the boardwalk. Her dirty blonde hair hung in little lose ringlets against her sun burned cheeks. She removed her hands from her side to glance at the time on her black gentleman’s.
It’s seven thirty already, she thought as she watched all the stores and street lights light up with bright, overbearing neon colors. This was a tradition for Avery, watching girls in short-shorts and bikini-tops run around with guys they’ve never met. On nights like this she sat on this boardwalk in Jersey, wearing a black-sleeved shirt paired with black skinny jeans and dark sunglasses. Despite the painfully hot weather, and the sky already hitting dusk high above the ocean. In the distance she could hear her favorite ride, “Moby Dick” and the people screaming as it dipped them down, and then back up, and then down again. She held her eyes shut tightly, enjoying every scream of joy and being thankful for once the voices weren’t hers. She held her breath and took in the sounds until a couple minuets later she heard someone pull up and sit next to her.
“Hey Kid.” Said a deep, heavy male voice.
She remained eyes shut and silent.
“You know, it’s about ninety-four degrees out here, and your wearing more layers then a nun.”
Still silence.
“Oh man girl, are you-“
“I don’t speak English.” She cut in.
“Yes, you do. Weren’t you just speaking it?”
“Excuse me?”
“You just said ‘I don’t speak English,’ in English. It’s kind of rude that-“
“Why the hell do you talk so much, when I clearly have nothing to say to you?” Avery said grinding her teeth.
“I like the sound of my voice.” He giggled.
“Oh really?” She said with a harsh tone of sarcasm.
“Damn.” He shook his head,
“What?” She snapped.
“You’re about the most pissed off chick I’ve met here, and we’re in New Jersey. So just calm down and tell me your name.”
“I’m Avery.” She choked on her words, knowing she’d regret it later.
“Jamison.” He said extending his hand.
“I don’t shake.”
“Do you answer questions?”
“Because, I don’t want to.”
“You just did.” He said, his smile spreading.
She glared at him through her glasses.
“What do you want?”
“I want to talk to you.”
“About what?”
“I want to ask you a question.”
“Fine, but you only get one.”
“Five.” He bantered.
“Fine.” He said sounding defeated.

For starters Jamison wasn’t the most attractive kid in the world, but his voice was sweeter then the blue raspberry polish ice they sold by the dollar at their little kiosk. He had creamy smooth skin and short hair that was gelled up gently at the top; he was long and skinny and had eyes that carried the color and waves of a head of lettuce.
His mouth was always open; he was a smart boy, but never stopped talking and asking questions. To Avery he carried the same aura as a small puppy.
“Okay,” He began, “First question.”
“Nope, I go first.”
“That’s just rude.” He said, his face emphasizing the puppy factor.
“Do you wanna play or not.” She liked this game already.
“Yes, I do.”
“Alright then here are the rules.”
“Rules? Your so damn difficult Avery, You know that?”
“Shut up and listen.”
“Sir, yes sir.” Jamison spit out, shocked at her ability to be so serious.
“No overly personal questions, and the person always will have the right to pass.”
“Deal.” He said grinning ear to ear. “Go ahead.”
“Oh uhm,” Avery paused to think; she slid her hands through her hair and slipped her thumbs back into her belt loops. “You see a girl, wearing sun glasses when it pitch black out and in jeans and I winter jacket, and your first idea was to walk up to her. Seriously, what the hell?”
“Honestly, I was bored and needed the entertainment.”
“Are you getting it?”
“Hell yeah.” He smiled even wider, “My turn.”
“Crap.” Avery let through her teeth.
“Have you ever killed anyone?” Jamison’s voice lowered shyly.
“What Jamison, really? Pass.”
“Oh my god, you’re a murder.” He stopped walking.
“Yeah, I’m a big scary murderer. Run away Jamison, while you still can.” She held her face perfectly straight, which made Jamison even more curious.
“Fine, why do you wear sunglasses and baggy clothes and jackets when its practically two hundred degrees? You look like the abominable snow man.”
“Jamison, come on. Why don’t you ask me my favorite color or something?”
“Too easy, just answer it.”
Avery pulled at her bangs
“So people would leave me alone.”
There was a long silence.
“And here I thought I was going to end up spending my night with a psycho.”
“I’m not one?” She asked quietly.
“Hell no, your more normal then anyone here.” He glanced up at her as she removed her glasses, and turned to look back at him.
“I’m sorry to disappoint.” She said and returned her glance foreword.

Avery felt naked without her sunglasses. She rubbed her fingers around her face and behind her ears in an attempt to smooth the indents they left. There was a moment of warm silence between them. So she used the moment to gather herself. A look of excitement exploded on Jamison’s face as the entire floor of the boardwalk lit up with a rippling holographic ocean, and people all around froze where they were.
“Avery, how do we play?”
“Your not serious.”
“Yes I am, I’m very serious.”
Avery turned her head towards him to study his face, and their eyes connected. She watched soft waves of green and blue from the lights play with his hair, and bounce off his eyes as he stared back into hers.
“You, Uhm,” She struggled to find words, and moved her eyes away from his, “Just jump on fake rocks and if you fall off or miss the sharks get you.”
“The sharks?”
“Avery, you don’t understand how much I hate sharks.”
Jamison yelled for help while laughing and trying to balance on a fake plastic stone.
“Jamison, they obviously aren’t real ones.” Avery said holding back laughing her self.
“Avery please!”
“Stop laughing like an idiot, and balance yourself!”
“Just come over here.” He said holding his sides as if the laughter was some how splitting them.

Avery jumped two rocks over and balanced on a rock next to Jamison, who was flailing his arms in an attempt to hold still. She watched him fumble around, and knew he wasn’t going to be standing for much longer. I could help him, she thought, if I really wanted to,. Avery looked down at his hands, and held her breath as she cautiously reached out. Jamison spun his head quickly to look at her, and she pulled away in one quick, startled motion rocking her whole body, throwing her out of balance. The rock teetered beneath her feet, and she felt a warm hand grab her wrist.
“Jump!” Jamison yelled pulling her arm over to his rock.

Avery did as he said; she leaped on to his rock, and shared the tiny space with him. She looked down at their feet, which were overlapped with the laces entangling more and more as they squirmed around. In the background a couple who were doing the same fell off their rock, and were greeted by a man in a shark suit, who gifted them a handful of party beads. Jamison held her tightly, and respectfully by the elbows . He jumped down off the rock with a smile, and helped her down as well. Avery saw a look on defeat on his face, and tried to say something as he gathered their things Jamison noted at book titled “Death and Dying” in her bag, and shook his head in amusement. After retrieving his keys, he turned to her.

“May I buy you a drink?” Jamison asked playfully.
“How old are you?” Avery asked still carrying her seriousness.
“I’m eighteen,” He paused for a while and smiled at his shoes, “how old are you?”
“Damn, and you’re a senior?”
“Well, you would think by twelfth grade they would at least teach you how to smile.” She opened her mouth a little, awkwardly showing her teeth.
“Well, that’s a start.” Jamison shook his head and rubbed the back of his head nervously.
“We could get a malt at the Diner on the south end of board walk.” Avery suggested, feeling guilty for wanting to.
“Sure,” He smiled, “I believe I still have a few more questions left.”

They sat down in the middle of a fifties themed diner, with a window over looking a couple making out under the boardwalk. Jamison watched Avery look carefully at the menu, pretending not to notice her eyebrows getting closer together the louder they got.
“Avery?” He said quietly, watching her hands shake.
“What?” She said, not even bothering to look over her menu.
“Have you ever dated anyone?”
Avery put down her menu and let out a sigh, “Why did you ask that?”
“I don’t know, you’re a pretty girl. I couldn’t imagine you’ve been single forever.”
“You think I’m pretty?” She asked trying her best not to laugh at him.
He laughed. “God, you act as if no one has ever said that to you before.”
There was a long, uncomfortable silence. Jamison stared at her for a while, looking kind of sad, as the waiter brought over their shakes. She took a sip, and let all her hair fall into her face. Then playfully let out a loud “Mmmmmmmmm.” Jamison sensed a change in the mood, he slouched down comfortably into the booth.
He took a sip and then smiled at her with a big, toothy smile, “Well, I’m honored to be the first.”
“You aren’t the first!” She glared back defensively, and then bust out laughing.
“You have the best laugh I have ever heard.” He said as he paid the bill and stood up.
He helped her out of the booth and they went out side.
“I have to head home.” Jamison said softly.
“How long are you here for?” Avery asked in return.
“I just moved here from New York.”
“City?” She questioned becoming more amused.
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Well, maybe we could meet up tomorrow?”
His face lit up, “Same time, same place?”
“Same time, same place.” She repeated with a smile.
He bent down and kissed her cheek, and held her smile until he exited the boardwalk and got on a bus back to New York.

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