Its Not Always Easy on Everyone

May 27, 2012
By DeedeeLove BRONZE, Palm City, Florida
DeedeeLove BRONZE, Palm City, Florida
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"Love knows no reason, love knows no lies. Love defies all reasons, love has no eyes. But love is not blind, love sees but doesn't mind."

It’s so easy. It’s so easy to boost your self esteem and confidence while, at the same time, crushing someone else’s. To feel like you’re on top of the world – no, even better – in your own world where you can do anything, be anything, have anything, and yet not thinking of how you are affecting everyone else. You are so high up in the clouds that you never even notice the pain etched on the boy’s face, or the tears brimming in the girl’s eyes. You don’t care though, because you think, ‘oh they are just that kid. No one pays attention to them.’ You could have never been so wrong.
Poor child. That is what their parents’ call them behind closed doors. These poor souls try so hard to escape from the evil that you cast upon them, but no matter how much they try, or how hard they wish things could change, nothing will happen in their favor. And why is this? It is because your rein slowly destroys their spirit into nothingness. The only thing that takes in stand as their life is a sad piano piece, slowly fading away.
Yet, you still feel like you need more, crave more, and your sadistic hunger builds until you find more and more kids to torment, to hassle, to squash underneath your shoe. You are having so much fun, real fun, you haven’t had this much fun in such a long time. So then why are you being taken away? Teachers grab your arms and push you until you end up in the principal’s office. Why are you here? You want to go back, back to your fun, but you are stuck in a cramped office being lectured about bullying.
Bullying? You weren’t bullying. You were having fun. Then it finally dawns on you, and now you are alone. Your world is falling apart, tearing at the seams, leaving your self esteem and confidence exposed to the cold, harsh wind of reality. You question everything. You question if you are a real human being for treating those bullied kids with such a stone fist and a cold heart. The only thing you can do is cry, just like the kids you bullied when it’s late at night in their rooms. Cry out all of who you are, until you are left empty and broken. It’s so easy, yet it’s so hard on everyone.

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