Peer Pressure

May 28, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a torrid, slow-moving day. Every one seemed to be sweating so much that they were all fanning their red-splotched faces with their hands. Lindsay was sitting in the corner of her classroom, watching her best friend dramatically gesticulating some unknown message to her. She didn't even try to decipher the message. She just took a deep breath, rapidly fanning herself with her hands and half-listening to the corpulent teacher monotonously spitting out facts about World War II to the five students feverishly scribbling down notes in their spirals. "Lindsay!" Her friend whisper-yelled. "Lindsay!" she repeated. Lindsay craned her neck and leaned against the wall festooned with inspirational teaching quotes and mouthed back to her friend, "What?". Lindsay unintentionally spoke it at a quiet volume, attracting the attention of a few students sitting around Kim, and the teacher at the front of the room. "Ms. Kelly, do you have something you would like to share with me, or would you like to talk about it after school?" Diffidently, Lindsay sunk in her seat and mumbled "No I don't. Sorry." After her mortification, Kim and Lindsay glanced at each other sharing the same enmity for their teacher. Lindsay suddenly felt a crumpled up piece of paper lightly hit her head and bounce on to the desk in front of her. "Wanna ditch?" she read in gray, curly handwriting. Lindsay did not want to ditch, in fact, she would rather sit in the classroom than get caught for ditching class, but her indignant thoughts about Kim calling her a loser pushed her to roll her eyes and nod yes to Kim. The bell rang after a torturously long class, and Lindsay found herself sitting on a bench just outside of one of the buildings of the school with Kim. "We should go get something to eat. I'm starving." Kim flipped her blonde hair and stared at Lindsay expecting her to agree. Kim was the kind of person people just didn't disagree with. She had that "tough-girl" reputation. "I guess we can. I'm not even that-" Lindsay was interrupted by Kim's grasp on her wrist, and she was pulled behind the building. "A hall monitor." That was all KIm said. That was all she needed to say. Lindsay's tacit approval of whatever extremes Kim planned for them to get out of trouble was given by her wide eyes. She couldn't get caught ditching class. She was a straight-A student. They quickly rushed into two separate stalls of the girls bathroom and stood on top of the toilets. The hall monitor burst the door open not even 2 minutes after. There was silence. All that was heard was the slow stomping of the hall monitors heavy shoes. One by one, she hit the doors open. "Woosh, Bang." The first stall was empty. "Whoosh, Bang." So was the second stall. Kim was in the fifth, and Lindsay was in the fourth, helplessly praying this leaden moment would be over without consequences. "Woosh, Bang." The third stalls door sounded like it cracked the wall it was opened so fiercely. Lindsay squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip. "Please walk away please walk away…" She saw the two feet of the hall monitor stop in front of her stall. "Woosh," "Lindsay?" "Bang." The hall monitor looked surprised, almost amused that Lindsay was ditching class. "Dean's office. Now." Lindsay broodingly didn't even try to put up a fight or make up an excuse. She jumped down and trudged to the dean's office with the hall monitor behind her, for the first time in her high-school career."I'm never listening to Kim again." she thought to herself. Lindsay almost stopped walking when she realized KIm was still in the bathroom standing on the toilet, and the hall monitor didn't even notice. She opened her mouth, fully ready to rat her friend out, and then closed it almost immediately. "What?" the hall monitor asked irritably. "Nothing." Lindsay fired back. She suddenly wished she was back in the blazing classroom, feverishly fanning her face with her hands.

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