Perfect Reflections

May 28, 2012
By DisturbingBehaviors BRONZE, Waco, Texas
DisturbingBehaviors BRONZE, Waco, Texas
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Chapter 1
You Don’t Like Me?

We were always together.
I suppose it frightened people…they never talked to us.
But that’s okay, we were happy to be together.
We didn’t need anyone else.
No one could ever tell us apart, though they should have been able to.
We didn’t act anything alike, even if we were mirror images of each other physically.
We wouldn’t date anyone who couldn’t tell us apart and that’s where this story begins…

“Dearest Lena,
I think of you all the time.
Will you go out with me?
I’ll wait outside the school building for your answer.

We couldn’t help but laugh.
People had long ago stopped trying to tell us apart.
Lena would go to meet him…or rather I would, pretending to be Lena.
“Get over here Laura; I have to do your make-up.”
That’s another difference between us.
I hated make-up, Lena felt naked without it.
But of course no one else seemed to notice that.

I put on one of Lena’s prettier dresses, let her do my make-up, and went to meet Will.
“Will, over here!” I waved at the beautiful boy named Will.
He was shy, blushed a lot…I like that trait in a guy.
Lena doesn’t.
“Do you have your answer?” he asks looking at the ground.
“Um…I’m sorry, Will.” I said.
Suddenly he looked up at me from underneath his bangs.
“You’re not Lena…where is she?”
I was shocked…and Lena stepped out from her hiding place laughing.
“Congrats, you passed the test.”
“…how could you tell?”

Will smirked and looked at me.
“You carry yourself differently. You don’t act like you own the rest of the world.”
“You don’t sound like you really like Lena.”
“I don’t. I just wanted to see if the rumors about ‘The Test’ were true.”

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