Where is she?

May 24, 2012
By potterfan BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
potterfan BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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I don’t understand what happened. One minute, Jenny was there, and then she was gone. Jenny. I’ve been thinking about that name so much lately because I’ve missed her. Jenny comes from Jennifer, or so Jenny told me. It means “fair one” which is cool because Jenny’s got snow white skin and blonde hair. Jenny’s got 5 beautiful letters and belongs to a person that’s sweeter than cherry pie and vanilla ice cream combined.

But now Jenny’s gone. And my parents said I won’t ever get to see her again which makes me really sad. Jenny was the best baby sitter ever! She used to take care of me and we would make a fort out of pillows and watch Finding Nemo over and over again until we could recite every line! She was always there for me when I had a bad day. She would come over and make me my favorite dessert in the whole world, a banana split with chocolate syrup and little sprinkles on the top. Then we would split it in half and eat the whole thing. Jenny always made sure I got the bigger half.

I heard my parents speaking the other day about Jenny. Mama kept saying things like “Why?” and “Why didn’t we help her?” and “Why couldn’t we tell?”

Then I think I heard…

It must’ve been a mistake…

I heard “she killed herself.”

Jenny was dead? That ain’t true. She was 14 and people only die when they’re 80 or something. Jenny can’t kill herself. It must’ve been an accident.

But Jenny was acting weird lately. One time, she was babysitting me and said we couldn’t watch Finding Nemo because she didn’t feel like it. And another time when I told her I had a bad day, she wouldn’t make me my banana split and told me to go finish my homework instead. I read one of her text messages one time even though I wasn’t supposed to. People were being mean. One of them said:
Hey loser. U know that if u screw up my bio grade ill beat the crap out of u. so get a move on. Its due in 2 days.
Another said:
U r such a loser. All of us don’t wanna say it but we really think ur a waste of space. Don’t sit with us at lunch tmrw.
And then another one said
UGHH! U jerk. i hate u so much. U knew I liked him!
I wanted to tell my mommy so bad. But I couldn’t. Jenny would’ve gotten mad that I looked at her text messages. I wish I had told mommy. Jenny would still be here if I did. I should’ve told Jenny how I love her.
Those people who bullied her should go to prison because Jenny didn’t kill herself. Those bullies murdered her. How could they do this? How could they make Jenny so sad?
All I know is that I miss Jenny. I miss my sister.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece as part of an ELA project on a short story for fiction writing. It's about the suicide of a 14 year old girl through the eyes of a small child. I wrote this piece to show the effect that suicide can have on multiple people and how detrimental it can be.

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