FInding Inspiration

May 24, 2012
By Anonymous


As the sun shone through the small window of her cold, New York City apartment, Jane sat on her tattered, old couch strumming a chord on her guitar, trying to think of lyrics for her new song. Ever since her boyfriend, Tom, moved out, she had struggled to write even simple lyrics. Frustrated, she placed her guitar down on the cushion next to her, ran to her bedroom to get her cashmere sweater, and turned on the space heater next to the couch; it was small, but it got the job done.


Jane sits back down on the couch and tucks her legs in, as the heater turns on and begins its gentle hum. She looks out the window and thinks to herself, why does nothing seem to inspire me anymore. This city is so full of beauty, yet none of it inspires a song. Suddenly, her thought is interrupted by the sirens outside, and she looks down to see them speeding by. As the noise fades, she has an idea on where to get inspiration for a new song.


Jane will jump up from the couch and run across the living room and kitchen to the front door. She will bundle up in her jacket, scarf, and boots, and head downstairs to take a walk. As she heads out into the cold, winter air she will make her way towards Times Square. The streets will be packed, even though it will be early in the afternoon. She will find a good spot to stand in the crowd, and wait. She will finally be inspired when she gets to see the ball drop at midnight, for the first time, even though she has lived only a few blocks away for years.

The author's comments:
I was given a picture of a girl sitting on a couch next to a guitar looking out the window of her apartment and had to write what happened before, during, and after the picture.

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