The Biggest Political Event in History

May 28, 2012
By Marethyu GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
Marethyu GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
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“No man's knowledge here can go beyond his experience.” - John Locke

1800, 1828, 1860, 1896, and 1932 were all very important political years. 2008 was as well but for a different reason. The first four dates were critical realignments; meaning that there was a large change in the party system. In 1800 the Democratic Republican Party came into power replacing the Federalists. In 1828 the Democratic Republican Party split into the Democratic and Whig Party. In 1860 the Whig Party dies and the Republican Party is formed. The United States was going through the Great Depression during the 1930’s but Franklin D. Roosevelt turned it around with his “New Deal” plan. In between that time the Republican and Democratic Parties switched platforms and the African Americans and Latinos switched to the Democratic platform. We had our first African American president in 2008. 2016 was not only a critical realignment period but also make history in its own way; the president was an Independent.

George Washington was the only president who was an Independent through his presidency. There were no real parties then but either way he was an Independent. He was elected in 1789. That is a 227 year gap from one Independent president to another. The 2016 Independent man won by doing something simple; keeping his word. The United States had a $21.8 trillion debt before this Independent was elected and he planned on getting rid of it.

The president of 2016 was named Jeremiah Welding. Being Independent was not the only thing that made him so different from everyone else. He was a Jewish, single male who focused on the environment. Of course he did not expect to win. He was a third party candidate and with the Electoral College third parties had no chance of getting elected. His main focus was on green energy and the environment. Some called him as part of the Green party but he denied that. “I do not care to align myself with any party. Most citizens vote for their party and ignore what is actually being planned by the candidate. I think it is important to stop the party system so that candidates run to improve the country instead of lying to get votes.”

There must have been a large amount of voters that agreed with him because after the polls his rating skyrocketed. Jeremiah continued his platform on investing in green energy sources. His plan was to create new jobs and have the energy come straight out of America. He specifically stated that it was going to be expensive at first, but in the long run it would produce jobs in America and help the environment. When he became president he followed through on his plan and it worked.

Jeremiah is currently in his second term as president. The two party system is now destroyed. The Electoral College is still in place but the position as president is not opened to only the member representing the Democratic or Republican Party. The debt is not gone but is has gone down. Unemployment rate is the United States is now only .3%. There is no war and no complete reliance on other countries. We still trade with China but we do not rely on them. America seems to be taking a step in the right direction.

President Welding did an excellent job. Even after he left office everyone loved him. Of course he had enemies; it would be impossible to leave the presidency without one. He left office at the age of 48. He was still relatively young and could probably get any woman he wanted. He did not care to find someone who liked him for his presidential job but for who he actually was, for his personality. He eventually found his love and got married. He continued to work in the government as Speaker of the House and remained so until he died.

The author's comments:
This is something that I would like to see happen some time in the future with a reduced debt and a cleaner environment.

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