May 26, 2012
By Gleeky BRONZE, Randolph, New Jersey
Gleeky BRONZE, Randolph, New Jersey
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Bullying is a sick thing that happens to people for reasons unknown. A bully is someone who is so insecure with themselves that they have to take it out on someone else. They say hurtful things, they act harmfully towards people and it makes the other person feel so unwanted and hated. Kids have to worry every day when they go to school weather someone will make fun of the way they are dressed or the way they are acting. It is not right for this to happen and for kids to be this scared to go to school, which is supposed to be a safe environment for them.

There is this girl I know who was bullied all four years of her high school life. It all started with people calling her names in the hallway. They would use harsh, nasty words and screamed them at her every day. Then it went into class. Whenever she would raise her hand to answer a question, a hurtful comment would be made. The teacher would reprimand them, but they didn’t stop.

This girl was dealing with these words and comments, but then they started doing things. They knocked her books down in the hallway and threw them in the garbage can. She had to ask a custodian to open the garbage can to get her books back. On day after school she was walking to her car and it was keyed and beat up. They trashed her car by pouring soda and food on the exterior of it. They made dents all over the car with a bat or stick of some sort.

In the hallway one day, this girl’s ear ring fell out of her ear; someone saw it happen, ran over to her and smashed the ear ring. This girl’s father went to the school when it didn’t stop happening. He spoke with the principal and he helped put an end to the bullying. The kids got in trouble and the stopped bothering her in school. This girl went to a store one day and when she entered, there were the people that had been bothering her. They found out where she was going to be outside of school and they followed her. They wouldn’t let it end.

Even though she was safe at school, she was still being harassed outside of school and on Facebook. It went so far that this girl started to harm herself because these people started making her so miserable. She felt there wasn’t anything to do, so she hurt herself to try to feel better but that did not work. Never should anyone feel like they have to hurt themselves because of the foolish actions of others. Finally, the girl’s family got the police involved and these bullies got in serious trouble. Even though it was over, this girl will remember that horrible time forever.

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