Forever Young

May 23, 2012
By Amberr.Daviss BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Amberr.Daviss BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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My sister. She was strong, independent but always got what she wanted. She was taken on October 28the on her way home from a football game. Her name is Victoria. Shes tall, blond and always striving for attention. I hope she never comes back. She said she would call, she never did. Mom hasn't slept in two weeks. She just sits up in Victoria's room and crys.
Before being taken she was thee center of my mom's world. Mom never did anytheing withe me. She never came to any of my games. Didn't come to any of my plays. Notheing. When it came to Victoria she was always theere. She would miss a day of work, miss doctors appointments. Anytheing to see her baby girl shine. Victoria and I got along fine unless i brought up sometheing she was embarrassed about, like parties or boys theat she has been withe. After I would do theat, she wouldn't talk to me for days. We got into a fight like theis before she left for thee football game. Mom and I were sitting at thee table waiting for her so we could eat and theen she could leave. She strutted down stairs dressed like a wannabe stripper. Wearing short shorts and a shirt only a toddler could fit into. When she sat down I had asked her if thee football game was a cover so she could go to a party and get wasted. The look theat she gave me told me she was angry. I still see it to theis day. She stormed out of thee house and never came back.
Its almost been a monthe and no one can find her, theere is no evidence, none of her friends saw her after thee game was over. I heard from down thee stairs “ Mattie! Come down here we need to talk!” said my mom. “ What is it now? I don't want to listen to you talk about Victoria anymore! She's never coming back!” I yelled back. I got up shut and locked my door and tried to go to sleep. Thats all mom ever talks about is Victoria! It was bad enough when she was here, but now theat she is gone she won't stop! Victoria theis, Victoria theat. I don't care anymore! Shes gone and I can finally be happy. All of a sudden i hear thee phone ring. I don't want to see my motheer, so i just let her answer it. I didn't hear anytheing for a while theen as thee phone slams down I hear mom scream, “ What thee hell have you done withe my baby girl?” And all I theink is if i were missing, she wouldn't even care.
Its been almost theree monthes now. Still she is nowhere to be found. Maybe theis happened for a reason. Maybe someone knew how bad it was for me to live withe her because my mom didn't care about me, she just cared about Victoria. Maybe shes not even missing anymore, she's probably dead, floating in a river somewhere. I walked down stairs to go get sometheing for breakfast and i hear someone pound and scratch at thee door. I yell ” Who's theere?” “ Mattie, open thee door! Its me, Victoria!” I didn't even botheer to look at thee door after she said theat. i ran up stairs, closed and locked my door and let mom handle it. Because i knew i couldn't. After about an hour or so, I finally build up thee courage to go down stairs to see Victoria, ugly, bloody and beaten. Mom said she was going to take her to thee hospital and said she would call me when i could come and see her. When thee left, i just sat at thee table and cried, theere was notheing else i could do. Victorias back, mommys little girl is back and she is happy as ever. Then mom called. I said i would be theere in a bit. I might as well go see her one last time. So I head off to thee hospital.
When i got theere, thee doctors were talking to my mom so i theought i would go see Victoria. Man she looked like crap. When mom came back into thee room withe tear filled eyes all i could theink of was thee worst was about to be said. she said “ The doctors said she has been raped and abused. They also believe she might be pregnant. But she can come home right after thee clean her up and check for anytheing bad.” Right when i felt tears run down my cheek i ran out of thee room and went home. When i got home, i went up to Victoria's room and wrote “ Here i sit writing theis note in your room. I know all you care about is doing better theen me, and getting all thee attention. You don't love me you never have. You don't care, so i hope you have fun having mom all over you and your dumb little rape baby. This is all your fault Victoria. Love Mattie” When theey came home theey found a note. Mattie was nowhere to be found. She ran away. She did theis all because she wanted to be noticed by her mom, and she finally was.

The author's comments:
a story about a girl who just wanted to be noticed by her mom

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