May 24, 2012
By Manal Abdenbi BRONZE, Winston Salem, North Carolina
Manal Abdenbi BRONZE, Winston Salem, North Carolina
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Sarah was a sweet 14 year old girl who lived in Delaware.
She had a sister named Karen. Karen loved Sarah very much.
Sarah felt that her parents were mean to her and that they didn’t love her.

She always wanted to hang out with her best friend Stella, but her mother never let her do what she wanted to do.

One time she said, “ I won’t be afraid any more. I want to go to my friend Stella’s house because I really miss her so I will ask my dad this time, not my mom.” She was so nervous! When she went downstairs she found her dad drinking tea and eating cake.

“Hey dad how was your day?” Sarah remarked.
His eyes got big and he stared at her.

“Fine, thanks! He commented with surprise because Sarah never asked him about his day.

“Dad, I wonder if I can go to my buddy Stella’s house today?” explained Sarah nervously.

Dad answered, “Go ask your mother.”

Sara continued, “Fine, but she won’t let me go.” Sara turned to go upstairs.

Father agreed, “OK, go on to Stella’s house and be home in one hour.” Sara left without saying anything and slammed the door.

On her way to Stella’s house she started thinking about why her parents treated she and Karen differently. Karen got anything she wanted and could go anywhere she wanted to go, but not Sara. Sara was jealous of Karen. However, she still loved her.

When Sara got to Stella’s house she knocked on the door.

Stella’s mother opened the door and said, “Come on in, Stella is upstairs.”

Stella and Sara went to the mall. They bought some sweaters and then went to the food court to eat. While they walked home from the mall, Sara told Stella about how her parents treated her. Stella was surprised and didn’t say anything.

When they got to Stella’s house, Stella said, “Let’s play truth or dare.” Sara had never played that before. Stella told her that if she chose “truth” she could ask Sara a question and Sara would have to
tell the truth, no matter what. If Sarah chose “dare” then Stella could tell her something to do and she would have to do it.
Sarah went first and Stella chose “truth.”

Sarah asked, “Who is your best friend?”

Stella answered, “You are, of course! Now it’s my turn.” Sarah chose “dare.”

Stella said, “You have to ask your parents why they treat you differently than Karen.

Sarah answered, “No way!”

Stella explained, “You have to follow the rules.” Sara got up and went home without saying goodbye.

When she got home, her parents were in the kitchen. Sarah slammed the door and yelled, “I want to know the truth!”

Her mother said, “What are you talking about?”

Sara screamed, “Why do you treat me different?”
Her parent’s eyes got big with surprise.

Mom explained that when Sarah was a three she was swimming at the pool having fun. Sarah asked if she could carry her baby brother in the water.

Sarah yelled, “Stop! What are you talking about?”

Mother said, “I understand you don’t remember your baby brother, but let’s get back to the story.
“You were playing around the pool with your brother. Suddenly, I looked up and I saw your baby brother in the water. You started crying because you threw your brother in the water and he drowned. From that day your dad and I started treating you differently from Karen.

Sarah ran to her room and started crying. She got on her computer and talked to people on Facebook about what had happened. Most of them said that they would run away. Sarah logged off and started thinking about they said. She texted Stella and told her goodbye. Then she left her cell phone under her pillow so no one could call her.

She started packing her clothes. That night she put pillows in her bed and covered them like she was sleeping. She carefully opened the window and climbed down to the ground. She looked back at her house and then walked away.

The author's comments:
I moved to the United States in August of 2011 from Morocco to live with my dad. I like living in the United States. I drew a picture to go with my story but am unsure of how to send it to you.

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