It their choice, not yours.

May 21, 2012
By Elizabethh20 BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
Elizabethh20 BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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It was a beautiful, breezy night on May 23. Blue balloons hugging the center piece to not fly away. Everything was perfect for Michael Jr.'s graduation party. He walked out with a blue gown, honors strap, and on his right hand a masters degree in education. His parents watched him while waiting in the car for him. His dad especially, watched Michael Jr. step down every stair, counting how many steps he took till the bottom. Michael walked down the path waiving to all of his friends, he frequently had to stop at every step to take pictures and give hugs. The smile on his face lit up the day. A couple steps away from the car his best friend stopped him and said, "Hey, you'll do great, it's your life." Michael gave his friends a huge hug and turned away without saying a thing. Slowly, he turned to the car and opened the door to say hello to his mom and give his dad a handshake with glossy eyes. His mom repeatedly congratulated him and told him how proud she was the entire ride home. Michael just smiled and looked at his dad to see if he'd say anything while his mom caught her breath, but he didn't even try. The party turned out great. Every family member he could think of was present and all his friends were there too. Everyone had a blast, even his dad who spent the entire time bandaging up kids' knees and elbows, since he was technically the only doctor there, Surgeon Michael. By the time everyone left Michael Jr. and his dad were the only ones in the backyard while his mom in the front saying thank you and goodbye to the guest. For the first time in the entire day Michael's dad said something to him, "If you want to be a teacher and it makes you happy, then I have no choice but to be happy for you as well." He gave his son a great big hug and slowly turned away from him and walked inside the house looking down with tears in his eyes.

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