Batman Arrests Bank Robber

May 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Bank Robber Captured by Real Live Batman
April 15, 2012

In the past week, a video showing a man in a homemade Batman costume attempting to capture a bank robber has gone viral. Eye witnesses report that it appeared to be a coincidence that the costumed vigilante, 33 year old Josh Benedict, happened to be walking past the bank when he saw through the window the robber pulling out a gun. He first called the police, and then stormed the bank and tackled the would be robber, 26 year old Robert Burke, assaulting him with pepper spray and threatening him with a baton. Luckily for the masked wannabee super hero, the gun was a plastic toy and no one but the robber was injured.

When the police arrived, what they found was Batman gagging Burke and zip-tying his arms and legs. They handcuffed both Burke and Benedict and hauled them off to court. Burke pleaded guilty of robbery and Benedict was charged on several accounts of carrying concealed weapons, including the baton and pepper spray. Benedict was banned by the court from ever wearing his costume again but has told the press that he had decided to hang up the tights and cape for good after being handcuffed.

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