Heart Broken

May 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Katie and Sara loved to spend time with their aunt Jane. She would always bring them gifts, which most of the time was just candy or a little bracelet, but one time she brought them both angels. Katie and Sara were so excited, they thought they were so cool. Then Jane explained to them how she had sewed the angels and right at that very moment Katie and Sara knew they wanted to learn how to sew. So Jane said that she would love to teach them how to sew and the very next day they started their first lesson.
Then Katie got some bad news, her parents told her that they were going to be moving to Minnesota. She was going to leave Arizona and move all the way up to Minnesota. Leaving her house, her pool, her newly started sewing lessons, and worst of all her aunt Jane and her cousin Sara. Moving was the last thing that Katie wanted to do, but she had no choice.
After moving into her new house Katie didn't mind minnesota that much, until she got a terrible phone call. She was so upset, she didn't understand why this was happening. “ What had jane done wrong, nothing! “ Why did she have to go through the pain and suffering that breast cancer brought to people. It didn't seem fair, but life isn’t fair.
Jane was going through chemo but she was not getting any better. Christmas was coming around and Katie was so mad that she was not going to be able to see Jane and Sara at Christmas this year. Until one day Katie’s mom said that the phone was for her, and when Katie picked it up on the other line was Jane and Sara. They told Katie that they would be coming up to Minnesota for Christmas! Katie was so glad that her aunt Jane was well enough to travel all the way from Arizona to Minnesota, but when she got here Katie realized that Jane was a lot sicker than she thought.
When Jane and Sara arrived Katie was so happy, but then she saw that Jane was in a wheelchair because she was too weak to walk. Jane had also lost all of her hair. Katie then realized that this will most likely be Janes last Christmas. Katie was sad at first, but then she decided that she should just make it the best Christmas ever!
On Christmas Eve Katie, Sara, and Jane set out cookies and milk for Santa Clause. Then Jane tucked Katie and Sara into bed. It took Katie a long time to fall asleep that night, she had a lot on her mind, but morning came before she knew it. She ran downstairs to see all her gifts that Santa had brought her. After she opened those it was time to open the gifts from Jane. Katie was so excited to see what it was, and when she opened it she was so happy! It was a blanket that Jane had made for her. She could sleep with it every night so she knew Jane was always with her.
Then after Jane and Sara went back to Arizona Janes cancer got a lot worse. She was moved to live permanently in the hospital and in June they knew it was almost the end. Katie’s parents got to fly down to Arizona and see her but Katie did not because she had school. She was so upset, she knew that she would never be able to see Jane again. Her parents and Sara would be able to, but not Katie. She got over being mad by the time her parents got back and she was a little happy because they brought Sara back with them, until that day. June 25th she was outside playing when her grandma called. She sounded very upset and right then she knew that Jane was gone. Katie then had to go tell Sara that Jane, their aunt had died from breast cancer. Sara didn’t take the news well, but who would? Sara and Katie lost their best friend that day but they will always have the memories and know that Jane will always be in their hearts.

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