Open Letter

May 22, 2012
By Elizabeth n BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
Elizabeth n BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Dear Desperate freshman,

You talk to every guy on facebook you possibly find cute. Oh hey he’s cute . . .let me add him as a friend. What is it with people adding other people just because they saw them once, like all right now we’re friends? You add guys you don’t even know, even worse other girl’s boyfriends. They deny you and oh look there you go adding them again. If they denied you the first time what makes you think they’d accept you the second time. Talk about being a desperate little girl. Your poor boyfriend is at military camp missing you and here you are “missing” him by calling other guys “babe.” Stop playing the victim! You have a real nice way of showing him you love him. When he comes to see you you’re with him for a while and later you’re with your so called friend hooking up. Why do you do that when you have your own boyfriend who you claim to love with all your heart? My point of view, if you really loved him you wouldn’t flirt and hangout with other guys! If only he knew the real you, he’d leave you in a heartbeat. You’re relationship is fake because half the time you act as if you’re single. Just because you’re not happy with your relationship doesn’t mean you have to mess around with every relationship you can possibly find. Like do you not have better things to do with your self, it’s like you do it as a hobby now. Are you that bored of your own life that you have to get into other peoples business? “Everyone wants me,” yeah? Look Honey, I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s not because you’re pretty, but because you’re known as easy. I mean it’s not that hard to believe since you’re exactly like your sister. Let me just remind you that she had an affair. You say other girls are jealous of you . . . yeah we’re all so jealous of you we cry ourselves to sleep. I wish I had time to text guys who don’t even know I exist, I wish people talked about me all the time, and I wish I had your life. Yes, you desperate freshman, I am so Jealous of you! There are real people and than there’s you. You walk around town with two faces, “ The nice Christian girl who dresses up on Sunday to go to church” and than your true face . . . “The freshman that messes around with everyone’s relationship” I am ashamed that I ever associated myself with you. Look, if you want to play, then expect to be played. Do us all a favor and get a reality check!


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