A little something called love.

May 16, 2012
There's a girl. She's waiting for somebody to show who to to be like. She sees all the famous stars, who show too much. She sees the people around her, getting left alone, hurt and wounded. She's had enough fight, tears, and pain. Little does she realize, it CAN go away. She CAN be saved. She CAN be herself. No more hiding, no more bad role models, and certainly, no more scars. She looks up at night, and see the stars. She sees a beautiful, wonderful, glorious miracle. She sees Jesus' love. She wonders to herself, "Why doesn't anyone see the real wonders in life? Why isn't it 'cool' to be yourself? Why do we have to always hide our truly, beautiful personalities?" She cries and thanks the Lord for everything. She's no longer afraid to pray in public. She's no longer scared to share her beliefs. SHE has met Jesus.

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