The Story of Trust

May 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Their once was a young boy named Matt. He was a perfect student at his school and had many friends, but his best friend was a kid named Luke Walton. Luke and Matt have known each other their whole lives and only live 2 blocks away from each other. They are both twelve years old and love playing video games. The main thing that kept this friendship alive though was trust. They trusted each other and would always tell each other secrets. They have kept every secret between just the two of them, but today that would change tomorrow at school.

That day second period Matt saw Luke in Math class. They just took a quiz a day before. Just like every time Matt got a 100. Usually Luke was not supposed to tell anyone he got a 100 because all of Matt’s friends would think he is a nerd. So when they saw each other he would pretend he failed. That day at recess Matt’s friends asked him what he got on the quiz. Matt said, “ What do you think I failed of course.” But when he went to the bathroom five minutes later Luke could not keep the secret any more, so he gave in. He told every one that Matt was a perfect student and has not gotten below a 98 on a test or quiz in over 3 years. Matt did not know what happened so the next day when he came to school everyone was ignoring him. They weren’t talking to him at all. Then when he got to his friend Eddie he asked, “ Why are you guys ignoring me.” Eddie responded with “ Luke told me you’re a perfect student and a giant nerd I am not going to hang out with you anymore.” Matt became infuriated with Luke. Matt started running to Luke’s classroom and when he saw him he punched him square in the nose. Then Luke responded with a punch to Matt’s stomach but within five minutes the fight was over. A teacher came along and sent both Luke and Matt to the dean. At the dean they talked about it first with all three of them in the room then privately. When the dean just talked to Matt he told Matt “ Your friends are people who respect who you really are.” Then it hit him like an atom bomb. Those guys weren’t his friends Luke was his real friend. So the two of them made up and became best friends again.

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