Here’s Johnny! (The Doll)

May 23, 2012
By Silentthoughts BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
Silentthoughts BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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No, this is not a story of the movie The Shining
In fact it’s about a doll named Johnny
The doll was made in a German toy factory
Which shipped over seas across the world
Johnny was shipped to a nice store in Elm Street
Where the Skywalkers lived
The Skywalkers were a normal family
They were quiet
They were nice
And they were loved being around people

One day Anakin and Luke went to the local toy store
Which had a new selection of dolls
Mara Skwalker’s birthday was coming up
The storekeeper Ben suggested the new shipment of dolls
The dolls were a unique, in the sense that they had their own name
Luke remembered that her sister Mara liked a guy named Johnny
So he told his father Anakin to buy Johnny the doll

A few days went by and Mara’s birthday came up
At the birthday bash her dad gave her, the gift
She was filled with excitement when she saw the big box
Anakin said she looked like eerie character out of a storybook
As she opened the box a collection on chills crawled down her spin
She stopped and figured the A/C was on too high and continued
When she got Johnny out of his box, a note was found
It quoted “ Don’t leave doll out at night”
The Skywalkers didn’t know what they meant by that
So they left the doll in the parent’s room

The following morning cops arrived at their house
None of the neighbors knew what was going on
They heard that the Skywalkers were reported missing
The only Skywalker left at the house was Mara Skywalker
Mara was covered in blood carrying the doll or what was left of it
Everyone thought that they were taken away and killed
Mara told the cops that the doll was alive and that it toke her family away
She explained that the blood on her was the doll and that she ripped it apart
The cops thought she was crazy, so they sent her away to a mental hospital

As for Johnny, it was take into the police station for evidence
They threw what was left of him in a locker, thought to be locked…
As the night passed officers heard noises coming from the locker
When they went over to the see what was going on, they found nothing
Before the officers left the locker room, Johnny jumped out of another locker with a knife screaming, “HERE’S JOHNNY!”…

The author's comments:
Its a silly story about a doll, kind of like Chucky but with a different name and story.

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