The Perfect Morning Pick-Me-Up

May 23, 2012
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Driving to work or school, and its awfully early in the morning. You spot a vivid green sign to your left and think to yourself, “wow, I need a pick-me-up.” Pulling into the crammed parking lot, fighting that shiny brand new red Prius for that last parking spot, and you’re in. Walking into the coffee shop you become engulfed by the familiar atmosphere of fresh ground coffee and the comforting elevator music playing faintly in the background wrapping around you like a brand new soft and fluffy fleece blanket. You walk up to the corner and see that familiar cheerful face of your favorite barista. Ordering your usual grande skinny vanilla latte with extra foam, you feel right at home. Scanning the room for the perfect comfy couch, chair, arm chair, or table, the buzz of interviewers, old- friends reconnecting, or even the typical businessman talking an ear off on his Bluetooth is music to your senses. You take a seat in your favorite big enveloping armchair in the corner right next to the table that usually has the latest morning newspaper spread across for your enjoyment. Basking in relaxation, the moment is broken when your drink is called and you rush up as fast as you can to pick it up and take that first marvelous sip that runs down your throat like heaven. Your senses open up like never before and you finally have found happiness and contentment in a little green and white cup. Whether it’s the perfect morning pick me up, reconnecting with a friend you have talked with in forever, that beautiful crisp fall day after a long eight hours at school sipping a grande freshly brewed unsweetend Tazo passion iced tea lemonade and working on your piles and piles of schoolwork by yourself or with your best or even a good pal by your side, it’s a perfect place to have a first meet and greet coffee date with your crush from your English class or even that public neutral place to meet with an enemy or an ex. The welcoming friendly atmosphere will always calm any tension or stress and hopefully result in a good meeting. But, whatever it is you will leave Starbucks feeling refreshed with that keep-your-head-up-nothing-can-stand-in-my-way attitude that lasts the entire day.

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unsimplysara said...
May 26, 2012 at 8:57 am
Erin this makes my heart smile! :)
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