Bad Boy

May 21, 2012
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Dating a guy on drugs does nothing to help me and I know that, his name is Brandon. He knows it’s not right and doesn’t want to get me involved but, he is. Avalon is my best friend, I know I should listen to her but, I can’t get over the fact that if I don’t dump Brandon she is going to have Drew, her boyfriend, to beat Brandon up. As you can see Avalon doesn’t like Brandon much, actually she hates him.

“Why do you even try to make it work?” says Avalon.

“Because, I love him.” I say.

“Do you want to ruin your high school life and get into drugs?” said Avalon.

“No, just because he does drugs don’t make him a bad person in the inside.” I say.

“I just don’t want to see my best friend’s life get ruined, I love you” Commented Avalon.

“I have to go. Text me later if you have anything good to say.” I commanded.

On my walk home from Avalon’s I thought real hard. I mean I’m still going to hang out with Brandon all night tonight. I really love him. I know I can change him no matter what my family and friends say. Friends? I guess I mean friends as in aren’t they supposed to be there for me not against me? I don’t even know what to think. My mom already hates me so what’s there to fix about that, break up with Brandon because, that isn’t going to happen. They all say if I choose a guy over my own mom there is something wrong with me. But, I know I’m just the normal teen girl in love.

“Kayla, get you’re a** down here!” Yelled Rachel.

“What do you want?”

“Where do you think you’re going tonight?”

“Since when did you begin to care?”

“Since you first told me Brandon does drugs.”

“It’s not like what’s what I’m going to be doing, anyways I’m leaving now.”

On my way out the door of living h*ll is like dreaming of having ice cream in heaven. I guess I shouldn’t compare it to something that amazing because, I guess she isn’t that bad. Just the way she treats me like a child bothers me. So now I’m walking to Brandon’s, because neither one of us has a car. Walking up to this house is like a junk yard, that might be a reason my mom doesn’t like me being here. I will never let Brandon know what I think.

“Hey babe” I blurt out walking through the door.

“Oh, Hi” he stuttered.

I think to myself, he is high. All of his buddies left as I walked in, the stench left behind was terrible. I must say I’m not used to it, my family is upper class and we don’t quite know much about the lower class. I guess I don’t yet know what I’m getting into. I sat down on the couch in his room and began blabbing about him and how I don’t like that fact he does drug without even thinking.

“I know this may make me sound like a bad girlfriend but, I’m just going to tell you how I really feel. I don’t like that fact that you smoke, drink, or do drugs. I thought you were better than that.” I say.

“Who do you think you are?”

“I don’t know, maybe I should leave.”

“No! Don’t! I love you!”

“Then don’t talk to me like that?”


“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“It’s okay, I love you. I am sorry.”

I just lay here thinking while his high is drifting away about what Avalon told me. Why do I try?

“I love you” whispers Brandon.

“I love you too” I say back.

We ended up falling asleep. When I woke up it was eleven thirty and his friends were here and at again. The stench was terrible, I hate this. Why am I living a second life?

“What are you doing, Brandon?” I said.

He just sat there, he didn’t say a thing. Most of his friends were passed out, some were just screaming. I can’t even explain the soreness from my head to my toes. All of the sudden Brandon woke up and wouldn’t stop yelling, I couldn’t even understand him till he yelled for me to get out.

“If you don’t smoke with us get out and watch your back” Brandon yelled.

“Why? What’s wrong? I thought you loved me? Please don’t do this!” I cried.

“Do as I say, now.”

I didn’t want to leave so I sat there while he hit me. I couldn’t stop crying. When I finally got enough guts I called Avalon. She told me she’d be here right away so, I waited outside.

“Oh my God, what happen to you” She yelled.

“Nothing let’s go!”

“Kayla, you’re going to have to go to the police or I will.”

Right then I thought to myself, why did I even call her? I could have walked home just fine but, what would my mom say?

“Don’t, I mean it’s not that big of a deal.”

She didn’t answer me; it was a half hour drive from Brandon’s to Drew’s which was where I’d be stay with Avalon. When Avalon told Drew she grabbed his shot gun and ran out the door. I followed behind. Once we got a block away Brandon and all his buddies were outside waiting for us. I can’t even put in words the feeling I had. I was so frightened. Drew parked the car and got out. Immediately Brandon came running after him and Drew shot him. I suddenly began to cry and without even thinking run to Brandon. The dead Brandon I once loved, the Brandon I thought loved me.

I sat there for probably an hour watching the blood from his chest run through my fingers. I just can’t let go. I mean the smell was nasty but, you can’t just leave someone dying especially if you love them.

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