Boy Named Stupid

May 16, 2012
By Yoyomah20 BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
Yoyomah20 BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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There was once a boy named Stupid, who had to write a story every Friday for his Language Arts class. He hated writing every Friday, and thought it was unfair. He would wait until Thursday night to do it, and even then he would procrastinate to the very last minute. Every week he came up with a new excuse. He would say things like “I have other homework to work on,” when he really did not, and “I just need a break from homework.” This week he decided to skip doing his writing. When his mom asked why he was not doing his writing, he said “I already did it.” His mom then asked to see it, because she didn’t believe him. He went to go get his backpack, looked through his Language Arts folder and said “I must have left it at school.” His mom then told him to just print another one. He couldn’t let his mom know he didn’t do his writing. He, coming up with yet another excuse said “Last night, right after I printed it, my computer crashed and I lost all my papers.”

His mom then replied “That’s a shame. Give me your computer so I can take it in to be fixed.” He couldn’t let this happen either, because if his mom took in the computer and they said nothing was wrong with it she will know he lied.

“I already fixed it myself,” he said.

“Great, that means that the printer would have saved the document and you can print it again.” He forgot all about the printer saving everything it prints. He had to think quick.

“The printer said it was out of memory, so I had to delete some things,” His mom wasn’t convinced.

“Well can’t we just look in the deleted files folder on the printer?” His mom argued. Stupid thought about this. He didn’t even know there was a deleted files folder on the printer.

“Oh right, I just forgot, the printer was out of ink, so I printed it during computers yesterday,” Stupid was running out of excuses to tell his mom, but his mom hated lies and he would be in big trouble if she found out, so he couldn’t let her know.

“So you left it in computers class?” Asked his mom with suspicion. Stupid, knowing when his mom doesn’t believe him, wearily nodded. “Really, because last time I checked you don’t have computers class.” Stupid forgot that he didn’t have computers class.

“Computers? I meant to say Science. We got to go to the Computer lab today.” Stupid was really stretching it. Right now, his mom could call any one of his friends parents and ask if they really got to go to the lab today, which we didn’t.

“Oh I see, why did you get to go to the computer lab today?” Thinking back to the last time he went to the lab in that class, he said the first thing that came to mind.

“To work on a project. We have to create a poster about a endangered species.” Great, he thought, she will know I’m lying because that’s what I told her we were doing a few months ago. But instead, she just said

“Alright, how about you work on that tonight instead?”

Lesson: Lying about your homework may end up just getting you into more homework.

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