May 15, 2012
By Anonymous

There was no longer any hope for our vessel. It was going down in the raging storm. My boyfriend and I were headed to Greece for our senior trip. I was so excited for the beach, and the sun, and all the pretty blue and white buildings. Now it seems as if there are only sand and palm trees. Deep inside the island we can see forest, but we don’t need anyone getting lost right now. I take charge, and start a campfire. How did we even get into this mess in the first place? The captain had a heart attack, and as he slumped into the wheel, we plowed into a cliff wall. Meanwhile, a raging storm went on outside and it wasn’t hard to get thrown around (and luckily) onto the beach,
We all watched the boat sink from the beach, soaking wet and shivering. It was getting dark, and cold.
The rich girl that rode on the ship with us shivered as she held her hands up to the fire. Even in her bedraggled state with her long blond hair and ornate dress completely soaked from the storm, she was lovely.
“I’m so glad you’re alive,” my girlfriend Melinda said hugging me. I was so glad to see her, but I couldn’t help thinking she wasn’t as pretty as the rich girl.
“We should find some shelter” I said, nodding my head toward the rich girl. Melinda looked at her and nodded, pursing her lips.
John wanted to find shelter for the rich girl. The words tasted bitter, and I wanted to spit them out. I bit my tongue instead. I couldn’t help but feel like Rose off of the Titanic, or more so Rose’s boyfriend. Poor guy had to watch her and Leonardo Decaprio fall in love. That is how I felt as I walked behind the Rich girl, and John. They walked side by side, and I followed behind. The third wheel, forgotten, and unappreciated.
“Well, take a look at that,” I said pointing through the thick jungle vegetation. “I believe we have found shelter.” I watched the rich girl as she inspected the cave.
“But is that cave safe?” asked the rich girl, her eyes wide. I gave her what I hoped was a charming smile.
“As long as you’re with me, you’ll be safe.” She smiled back.
“What’s that sound?” Melinda said. I was surprised to see her, and a little ashamed. It seemed as if I forgot about her. Crap.
“What noise” I asked trying to sound sincere. It was hard. Suddenly, a huge cat, unlike anything I have ever seen before jumped through the brush. It was huge, with sparkling white teeth; curved claws attached to huge paws the size of my head, and a body length the size of a SUV. I only saw it for a second before it drove its long sharp teeth into my neck, and I died instantaneously. My last thought was of the rich girl. I was a terrible boyfriend.
As the huge beast took my life I thought something terrible. I wished that the cat would let the rich girl live so she would have to fight to live, and do something that wasn’t handed to her on a silver platter. I knew I that happened she would die…

The author's comments:
this was a class assignment, and there were a few random manditory sentances that we had to put in a story, so most of the cheesey lines were not me! lol

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