Story of the Admirer

May 15, 2012
By djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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There once was a story in a faraway High School about a secret admirer that took it to far and eventually cause to make a new law. The story begins on a hot summery day and I believe that the year was 2014. There was a family moving into a really nice neighborhood. The family consisted of a Mother, Father, High School Girl, Jr. High School Boy, and a really big dog. Everybody in the neighborhood was excited to meet the new family, except one High School boy wasn’t so sure that the neighborhood needed any new people. This High School boy wasn’t any old High School boy, he was actually the most trouble making child in the whole school district. He had a really big list of times he got in trouble with the law.

Earlier before the new family had made it to town the boy’s Mother told he that he was expected to go introduce himself to the new neighbors. So when then family had finally made it to town the boy went and introduced himself to the new neighbors. As soon as the new girl seen the boy she feel right in love. Before that moment she had never had that kind of feeling and yet she thought that she loved tons of guys. Later that night the new girl lied in her bed think of nothing else other than the boy she seen.
That very next morning the new girl went looking for the love of her life. It took her about fifteen minutes to find the house htat he lived in and the only reason she found was because she went from house to house looking in through the window. She sat there and starred at the boy for a good twenty minutes. She didn’t know that an old lady was watching her from across the street and after that twenty minutes the old lady starting yelling, “Peaker, peaker, there’s a peaker over there.” So the girl started running because the boy and his family began to walk over to the window to see what was happening. This whole event happened every day for the rest of the summer, the boy and his family never knew what was happening.

Then school finally began and that was the next big step of the story. On the very first day the new girl had found some friends and them all were over achievers which were just like the new girl. Towards the end of the school day the new girl found out that she has a class with the boy she loves. She then had a really big smile on her face. She then went up to the boy and told him, “I love you!” The boy didn’t respond to her because he was thinking of how much of a nerd she was.

For many more months she talked to the boy and didn’t get a response. Then prom began to draw near and the new girl concocted a labyrinth plan to make the boy talk to her because she wanted to hear his voice. It wasn’t even about the prom, it was just about hearing his voice. She waited for a bit longer until she thought that the time was right. Then she began to put the plan to action.
The first step was to invite the boy’s family to her house when her family was gone. Second step, was for her to get her father’s gun. Third step, was when the family got in lock the door and have them sit down. Fourth step, was to pull out the the gun and threaten to shoot the boy’s parents. If all that went accordingly then she would have gotten what she had been wanting, but she didn’t think of what to do if her family came back home and that’s exactly what happened.
After her family got into the door and seen what was going on they called the cops and she then went to jail for a little bit. After she got out of jail she had to get counseling for the next couple of years and the state which she lived in made an awareness of crazy lovers.

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