That Extreme Day

May 15, 2012
By djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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Today was March 6, 2015 which is my youngest sister’s 12th birthday. I was just getting back from my mom’s house right around 7:00p.m. and as soon as I got into the house the phone started to ring. So I then walk over to the phone and answer it. I said, “Hello?” Then I heard the voices of my roommate and one of my closes friends. They were saying that they need my help, that they can’t really talk about it over the phone, and that I need to hurry up to the miniature put-put place in Ellettsville.

At this time I was thinking that it was just a big joke because a few days before today they pulled a cruel and unusual prank on me that I never want to talk about again. I got me car keys, got into the car, and drove away. About fifteen minutes later I pulled up about ten feet from them and they came running up to me. They then told me to follow them. So I followed them.

What I seen right then made me feel really nervous and uneasy. It was a dead guy pouring out blood from within. The only thing that came to mind was the question, “What the heck happened?” Then my roommate said, “Well there was this girl getting abused by this guy that is now on the ground, we seen what was happening, so we ran up, began to fight him, and then we took it too far, so we then called you.” Then I said,, “Wow, so just for next time don’t call me when you have killed someone!”

Then I asked, “What should we do now?” Then the other guy said that we should probably get rid of the body. So we then picked up the body and put it into the back of the car. For another few minutes we all talked, but then we heard a cop siren and we began to panic. While we were panicking I said, “Let’s just get in the car and act casual. The cops eventually went by and we then began to panic again.

We sat there and thought of what to do. It took about thirty minutes to come up with something, but we did come up with a plan. I had to start off the plan by calling all my family that I probably wouldn’t be returning, followed by my roommate, and then our friend. Well after we made the phone calls we went and buried the body. For a few years we lived in Canada and then we came back.

Come to find out that the cops still remembered and we all ended up in prison. A while later we got out of prison. Then it all happened again, but that time I didn’t get involved.

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