Loving the Enemy

May 15, 2012
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Daily News: Last night there was a killing of a seventeen year old boy that was a part of the Insane Gangsters. Come to find out he was shot three times and died. The killer was found and was arrested for murder. Later found out that the killer was a part of The Men of Mayhem.

After watching the newscast, the Insane Gangster leader said, "The Men of Mayhem is killing our members, so we are going to kill his members tonight!" At that exact moment the Men of Mayhem were celebrating the successful hit. The Men of Mayhem celebrated for hours that night and I'm sure they would of left by now if they knew what was going to happen in just a few minutes.

Right at 9pm the Insane Gangsters went into the Men of Mayhem territory and started shooting everybody around. After a lot of people dying, the Men of Mayhem started to shot back. For about a hour, the shooting back and forth took place. Already a lot of people are dead.

Eventually the cops are called. When they finally get to the area where all the shooting is taking place, they immediately start arresting everybody. It took a long time to get most some of each gang. The others that didn't get arrested went back to their hideout.

Most of the Men of Mayhem went back to tell the leader. After one of the remaining people told the leader what had happened, the leader shot the one that told him the news. Right at that moment the leader of Insane Gangsters was making a plan to make the Men of Mayhem fall apart. After a while the Insane Gangsters came up with a plan and started to set it into place.

The next day the Men of Mayhem were all sitting around doing nothing until a woman that was really hot came in and started flirting with everyone. Everybody loved it, except one guy named Damon Foster.

After a while of the woman flirting with Damon, the leader of Men of Mayhem came in and asked, "Who is that woman?" All the others said, "I don't know!" and also said, "But she is really smokin, can she stay?" The leader then said, "She can stay!"

For weeks the woman that magically appeared flirted with Damon and didn't get anything back, until one day the Men of Mayhem were out shooting targets and after a while of shooting they got ambushed. Bullets were flying everywhere and people falling down dead. Damon was shooting a lot of the people that ambushed them, but he didn't know that a guy was coming up behind him. Luckily the woman came up and shot that person. Right after Damon realized what happened; he began to fall in love.

Later that night Damon asked the woman her name and she said, "Jasmine Brown, and what’s yours?" Damon then said, "Damon Foster!" Ever since that night they hung out almost all day. Eventually it became a serious relationship and that marked the beginning of a lot of problems.

Ten weeks went by and Jasmine just then started to report back to the Insane Gangsters (which is the gang she is from). The leader asked her how it is going and she said, "It's all goin accordingly." (She didn't know that the leader knew about the relationship between her and the guy from the other gang or that he was testing her to see if she would tell the truth and just end it all with the guy.) The same thing was happening to Damon back at the Men of Mayhem's hideout.

The very next morning Damon and Jasmine talked. They eventually decided to stay together and leave their old lives behind. They left right away. Nobody from either gang knew what happen and so they blamed the other gang. The two gangs went out to kill each other no matter what it took.

The two gangs went face to face and had a shootout. Many deaths later the two gangs realized that they had been played, so they teamed up to find the two traders. The two gangs first went to the traders homes and killed everyone in sight. They looked and looked for about three days and all ready there was a lot of tension between the two gangs. They almost had a shootout seven different times.

Finally someone thought to split up to cover more ground and they did. A hour of been split up the two gangs each found someone that knew the people they spoke of and told them the info they needed. The gangs then went to the place they were told about and found each other. Now the two gangs are at the house where Jasmine and Damon are.

The two gangs came up with two similar ideas and told the other gang their idea and then started to put into action which was burn the house down with Jasmine and Damon inside. Jasmine and Damon tried to escape, but in the end they failed. After the house was completely burned down the cops arrived, but the two gangs were already gone. Ever since that day the two gangs have become one big gang and or family called Insane Gangsters of Mayhem. That group was the most deadly group in history.

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