The Mad House

May 18, 2012
By Blue17 BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
Blue17 BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
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It September 10, 1993, and it was two thirty in the morning, and I was heading home. When I hear my phone ringing. I pull over to the side of the road, and look and look around for it, I find my phone in the center console.

I glance at the caller ID before I answer the phone, it's Matt. “Hello Matt, whadda want?”

“Me and a couple of guys are bored Dave. We want something to do,” Matt tells me.

“Alright, I've only been up for thirty eight hours give me two Mountain Dews I've got an idea, be ready when I get there.” I hang up the phone and pull back onto the road

I drive toward Matt's apartment complex. I pull in in front of his apartment building and park the car. I walk over to his apartment and knock on the door. Matt opens the door and hands me both Mountain Dews. After I chug them, I look around the room and see that Matt, Justin, Paul and Ben are there

“Hey, Dave. Matt says that you have something for us to do tonight,” Paul greets me.

“Yeah, you know that old abandoned building?” I ask them.

“Yeah, I do, we've been by there before.” Ben says “That old Home for the Unbalanced and Mentally Infirm. You know more about it than we do.”

“Oh yes, that three story concrete building with all the windows boarded up” I smile “I know a way to get into the building through a window. So we can look around.”

“Sweet,” Paul says “I've been wanting check out that building,”

“Are you sure that's a good idea Dave what if we get arrested?” Matt quivers.

“Don' t be such a chicken. We won't get arrested. Let's go”Paul tells him.

All five of us pile into Paul's car, and we head over to the old building. I point out the maintenance building and tell Paul that we should park over there, so that we blend in with the other cars. After we shut off the car, I ask Justin to reach up and unscrew the dome light and take the light bulb out, and I reach down and unscrew the one underneath the the dashboard. Paul does the same thing on the driver's side.

Justin looks at me with a confused look on his face. He may be strong as an Ox, but he his dumb as a rock. I just give him a look and get out of the car.

Before we head over there, I make sure that everybody has a flashlight. Everybody else has a dollar store flashlight and I have a big four cell Mag light (the kind that the cops often use). When we reach the window, we see that it's boarded up. We have Justin pull off the plywood so that we can get in the window.

The very first room that we enter has about thirty metal beds that are stacked against the walls. I ask Matt and Justin to pick them up and move them out of the way. Instead of picking them up, they slide the metal beds across the concrete floor, making an earsplitting, eardrum cracking screech in the pin drop silent room.

I glare at them. “We are only in the first room and they may be able to hear us still. After we get through this room it should be okay to talk normally.”

We move through into the next room, and as we enter Justin, Matt, and Ben all jump back in surprise with a look on their face like WTF? Then Paul and I follow after them. The very first things that we see are limbs. There are limbs everywhere, we see hands sticking up in the air as if they were waiting for a teacher to call on them. Also there are legs sticking out of shoes as if the person was walking and then their leg was no longer there. One of the thoughts that comes to mind is: what happened to these poor people. Then as we take a closer look at the room we realize that they are prosthetic limbs not real limbs. Then as we are moving through the room Justin kicks one of the prosthetic limbs and underneath is a cat skeleton he jumps back in surprise.

As we are moving through the hallway some of the doors are open, and Justin and Ben are flashing their lights in the rooms. In of the rooms on the wall there is a mirror. Justin jumps back and almost wets himself. I am laughing so hard that I have to lean against the wall so I don't fall over. We move on form the limb room into a hallway, and at the end of the hallway there is a flight stairs that have definitely seen better days. Ben, Matt, and Justin go up the stairs.

Paul and I take one look at the stairs and agree that “no we'll stay down here”.

Before they go upstairs though I tell them “don't shine you lights in any windows because we aren't allowed to be in here, if the cops see the light, in the windows and they will investigate.”

As they are coming back down the stairs, I tell Paul “Back up against the wall and turn off your flashlight and don't make any noise”

I hear Ben, Matt and Justin, talking as they come back down “Man why did you have to shine your light in that window? Now the cops are going to come and arrest us.” Justin says to Matt.

“Shush guys. Where did they go? I don't see their lights anymore. Are we in the right hallway?”

Just as they are getting to the bottom of the stairs I put my arm up and shine the light in their eyes and shout “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE YOU THREE WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING IN HERE GET AGAINST THE WALL WITH YOUR HANDS UP WERE I CAN SEE THEM!” Ben tries to turn and run but, he miscalculated how close the wall is and runs right into it. Matt just stands there and looks into the light, and Justin passes out cold and falls to the ground. Paul and I have to sit down on the ground so that we don't fall over laughing and hurt ourselves. After they realize that is was me they flip us the bird and Matt tells us that he weren't scared. All we have to do to prove that Matt was scared is to loo down at his pants they are all wet.

After everybody has calmed down enough so that we can walk. We shimmy back through the window, we make sure that Justin replaces the plywood that was over the window. Then, head back towards the car. Paul doesn't want Matt to get his seats all wet, so we have to look in the trunk for something that he can sit on for the ride home. We all go back to Matt's apartment to go crash and the next morning we think fondly of our adventure the night before and make fun of our scaredy cats.

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