May 17, 2012
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I stood in the shallow water, letting the wet sand ooze between my toes. My wet t-shirt stuck to my body, and sand itched in my scalp. It had been a morning of pancakes, swimming, and building sand castles. Carl and I were so sunburned my mother had forced us into huge t-shirts with Juniper Networks plastered on the front. She sat on one of the many chairs with big umbrellas sticking out of the back that lined the beach. Palm trees swung over the sand, weighted down by their own leaves. I looked down into the South China Sea as little pink jellyfish float past. Carl came up behind me,

“Ready?” He asked with a grin. I smiled back, and we went deeper into the water. The waves now rose over our heads and crashed just before us. I stood at the edge. Then I heard his voice,

“Come on you stupid idiot, I am not afraid of you Poseidon!” Carl jeered. He waved his arms back and forth, his mouth wide open, shouting at the invisible god forcing the waves to crash over our heads. He yelled whatever was the most abusive to an eight year-old’s mind. I stood, admiring his freedom.

“Jensen, what are you doing just standing there? Poseidon has offended you!” Carl said as he charged the waves. Suddenly a huge white cap rose above us, peaking, and with a whoosh, flattened out right on top of Carl. He rose out of the foam hacking and laughing.

“You can’t get me!” He said with his fist held high in the air.

I took a cautious step through the water.

“You suck,” I said with a half-hearted flail of my arm. I quickly looked back onto the beach, to check to see who was watching. My mother was still lying on the chair, watching us with amusement. There wasn’t anyone else on the beach. I could see some people walking back up towards the pool and the rest of the resort, but no one else.

“Poseidon, you suck,” I said a little louder. I looked up at the oppressive blue, and the scorching sun. I watched a one lonesome cloud wandered lazily through the blue, and then it was dark.

I went under fast, the water crushing down on my head. I could feel the weight, pushing me onto the sandy bottom of the ocean. I couldn’t breath. My eyes were shut into blackness.

I was out. I gasped and spluttered for air. The sun was back, the sky still bright. The wave had passed. I raised my fist to the sky,

“You won’t get me!” I yelled at the next wave, “You stupid yellow-bellied moron! You will never get me Poseidon!” I waved my arms, and let my feet pound into the sandy bottom of the sea. I could hear Carl laughing and jeering right next to me. We raced away and towards the waves. I dared them each time to keep me under, and every time I resurfaced.

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