Adventures in The City

May 14, 2012
By ozdemir BRONZE, Commack, New York
ozdemir BRONZE, Commack, New York
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During the month of June it was dark,
Cloudy and had a great chance of rain.
In Sunnydale high school, on the morning announcement
A student announced that the class trip to Manhattan will still
Be leaving at eight; even though it might rain.
The clock struck eight and the students reported to
The main lobby then started to get on the bus.
Three students who despised each other were forced by the
Chaperone to sit next to each other, The Complainer, the Bragger and the Sports player.
The COMPLAINER was a cute young lady with an awful personality.
Her name was Cindy.
Cindy absolutely hated the sports player, the sight of him made her nauseous,
Because she thought he was stuck up.
She was on the shorter side, thin with naturally curly hair,
She also had skin so pale she looked like a ghost.
On the other hand many people disliked being around her
Because her personality was dull and she wasn’t personable.
Cindy never said one word without whining or complaining.
Sitting next to the complainer was the BRAGGER.
Sandy was average height, with hair so dark it looked black.
The bragger had a perfect shape she was round as a pumpkin.
She was gross! She had left over oatmeal from her breakfast on the corner of her lips.
(I guess she was saving it for later.)
Her personality also made people stay away from her
Because she bragged about everything.
Sandy bragged about new outfits her dad bought her
And the amount of money her parents have.
She even bragged about meeting Justin Beiber at a concert,
But honestly who really cares? No one likes him.
She is so insecure about herself she tries to make herself look better then everyone.

Sitting across from the bragger on the bus was the SPORTS PLAYER.
Derek was tall about six feet, very muscular, with a flawless face,
But everyone can see that he holds his head a little too high.
He was also easily angered and annoyed.
He intimidated a lot of people because of his height
And the way he carried himself.
He was self absorbed and only thought of himself.
“Are you serious? I have to be stuck sitting next to the two
people I dislike!” said Cindy.
“Trust me if I could choose to sit anywhere it wouldn’t be near you.” Replied Sandy.
Derek sat there rolling his eyes in disbelief
That he had to be on a bus for an hour with them arguing back and forth.
Sitting on the right of him was Jenny a girl who talked to the Sandy but wasn’t a big fan of her.
Yelling over Derek, Sandy said “Oh my god! Jenny guess what my daddy bought me!”
Jenny answered in a careless tone “What?”
“He bought me a BMW for my birthday!”
Jenny shook her head because the Sandy didn’t even get her license yet.
The bus finally arrived in Manhattan.
They all thought that they were finally going
To get away from each other, but little did they know the chaperone
Put them in the same group.
“No! Why do I have to be in this group with them?”
Said Derek, getting annoyed.
“You know what? You are so self centered!
The world doesn’t revolve around you,
And you can’t always pick your group and do what you want!”
Exploded Cindy.
This ignited an argument between all of them.
While they were arguing they didn’t realize that the rest of their classmates left
To the Broadway show.
Now all three were stuck together and had to find their way to the theater.
“This is all your fault we are in this mess now!” yelled Sandy.
“All my fault? He was the one that stated all this!” said Cindy yelling back.
“Guys be quite! Don’t you realize we have to find our way back so let’s start walking?”
Said Derek braking up the fight.
“You’re right let’s go find them.” Agreed Cindy.

Together they walked blocks and it seemed like they were walking in circles.
They saw no sign that directed them to the theater.
The weather was gross and gloomy and nobody was walking
The streets that they could ask for directions.
Their arguments lessened and they grew more worried.
“Guys it is so hot and humid!” whined Cindy.
“I know the humidity is messing up my hair, that I had done yesterday.” said Sandy.
“My feet hurt and I’m hungry can we go sit down somewhere and eat?”
“Good Idea and we can ask the workers the way to Broadway.”¬ said Derek, excited.
They walked into a Panera bread, ate, and asked for directions.
It was a coincidence that the man behind the counter was just at the theater and had a map.
All Three of them politely said thank you to the man, which shocked him because not many
people say thank you.
The three of them used team work to find their way to the theater.
They finally found their classmates and had a story to tell their friends.
On the way back home they were happy and didn’t hate each other.
They actually laughed at the dumb arguments they had.

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