Crash and Burn

May 16, 2012
By AutumnK BRONZE, Middletown, New York
AutumnK BRONZE, Middletown, New York
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My heart sped up.
I ran across the thick traffic, managing not to get run over.
My dad couldn't pick me up from school, and the bus driver literally closed the door in my face so I was forced to walk home.
I ran as fast as I could until the ugly smell of fresh cut grass smacked me in the face.
Trying not to meet anyone eye to eye, I walked down the now safe sidewalk.
"Hey!"I heard someone say
I looked up
There was an old rusty blue truck
"Tyler?"I asked
"Yeah."I heard him say
I walked over to him
"Need a ride?"he asked
"If you don't mind."I shrugged
"I never mind girly, get it."he chuckled
I quickly walked around the front of his truck and got in the passenger side.
Taking my book bag off and placing it on the floor, I buckled the seat belt.
Tyler was what you would call a sorta close family friend.
He helped us a lot though.
My mom died of lung cancer six years ago, and my dad lost his job in the recession.
My dad had a really good job, now he has a really bad one. He works for the newspaper, but its worse than it sounds. He's always stuck in this horrible little ugly cubical writing reports on crime.
And I'm afraid of that specifically.
That's where Tyler comes in.
Tyler was a year older than me, he's nineteen.
Sure when you first look at him he seems like a big idiot, high school drop out, and really shady.
But he's really smart, he graduated high school, and he's not shady.
Except he deals drugs. He doesn't take them, he just deals them.
He knows it's illegal, but he really needs the money and he helps out me and my dad a bit.
I work too, my shift starts two hours from now though.
I sank back in the old seat as he drove down the rode.
"You okay? You seem worried about something."Tyler asked
"I'm fine."I said
I heard a crunch
I reached down to the floor and picked up a brown bag.
Realizing that anyone could see it, I threw it under the seat
"Ty, are you crazy? Someone could see it or break in and take it!"I said
"Calm down Alex, it's fine. I'm as careful as I can be."he said
He looked at me and half smiled,"Don't worry."
The next thing I know, there's a sharp pain in my side and I can't see anything
I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth
Blood trickled down my head, arms, all over
Heat beat against my face.
The truck was on fire and we were stuck turned over inside it
All of a sudden my skin felt like ice
'Here come the hallucinations, I'm gonna die' I thought
"ALEX!"I heard someone yelled
My body turned numb, but I could tell what was wrong.
My left arm was pinned between the seat and the roof, one of my legs was broken, my stomach was cut bad, and it was probably on the verge of releasing all of my organs behind the skin that was left.
I heard a faint siren
I was snapping in and out of weird visions.
In one, I was perfectly fine. Sitting in the bed of the truck, parked in the park's parking lot by the pond talking with Tyler. In the other one, I was a little girl. I was being carried on my dad's back while me, him, and my mom walked around looking at fireworks.
Then everything went black.
I started to see a blurry white thing
I opened my eyes.
I was lying in a bed.
I tired to sit up
I screamed in pain
My stomach felt like it was being stabbed rover and over again.
"Alex, lay back."I heard a familiar voice
I laid back, and looked around in search of a face to match the voice with
"Tyler?"I asked
"Yeah, I'm sorry. It's all my fault."he said
"What's all your fault?"I asked
"The accident."he said
"What accident?"I asked
I don't remember an accident. I don't remember anything that happened. All I can think of are names.
"Where am I?"I asked
"You're in the hospital."he said
"W-Why?"I stammered
Why was I in the hospital? Why did my stomach hurt really bad? Why did I feel like there was a weight being sat on my forehead? Why were one of my legs and one of my arms stiff? What was around my neck?
I felt my forehead.
There was an itchy bandage wrapped around my head
"WHERE AM I?"I yelled
I felt a piercing in my lungs
I whined in pain
"What hurts?"he asked
"My's...."I stopped
I covered my mouth to cough
When I took my hand away, it felt oddly wet.
There was blood on my hand
"Tyler, Ty, what's going on?"I asked
A nurse walked in
"She's coughing blood. She said her lungs hurt."Tyler said
"We need to prep her for surgery. When you and the other person collided, a sharp piece of metal scraped her stomach. She had bad internal bleeding."the nurse said
"What's that supposed to mean?"I asked
"Just relax Alex."Tyler said, trying to calm me down
"No, wait, TYLER!"I said
"Please, calm down."a doctor walked in
I shut up and tried to breathe.
The doctor injected something in my arm with a syringe.
I felt hallucinations coming.
I saw a little lamb playing in a field with a kitten
I giggled
"Lambs and cats don't play."I laughed
Whatever they put in me completely took over me and my eyelids closed
When I woke up again, I was back in the room.
My lungs didn't hurt. Nothing did except my arm.
"Tyler?"I said
"He's not here."someone said
I sat up, no pain
"Where is he?"I asked
"He was taken away."the nurse said
"Why? Where did they take him?"I asked
"The police came. He's accused for possession of illegal substances."
Then it hit me.
The drugs under the seat. There was an accident. He dealt drugs. He didn't use them, but he sold them. He needed the money.
"I wanna see him. Now."I demanded
"I'm afraid I can't do anything about that. From what it seems, you won't see him for a while."she said

The author's comments:
I had writers block before I wrote this, and I thought I got out of it by writing this.
It's not my best, I know I can do better than this.

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