May 7, 2012
By Lilyblossom26 BRONZE, Monument, Colorado
Lilyblossom26 BRONZE, Monument, Colorado
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Chapter One

She tried. She begged, and pleaded. If I’d stayed around much longer, I bet she’d have been on her hands and knee’s, yet I still refused: held my ground. I couldn’t stay here any longer. This retched orphanage had held my twin sister and I since we were only three years old. The “all knowing and all powerful” headmistress that ran this house of horrors’ was related to the devil-of that I’m sure. She’d whip us each night, no matter how good we were. The children did all the work, while she stood, and laughed at our pain. Lily, my sister, had only ever known this..this horror. So had I, for that matter. She was terrified of the outside world. Said that it was more dangerous of anything here. But me? Well...I was terrified to stay here any longer. I needed to know! I needed answers! Had out parents really left us here? Ever since we figured out about the Bond, I had begun to doubt the words of Headmistress.

“Fira, please! It’s safer here!” She tried again, although she already knew my answer. I had made up mind, and It was not going to be changed.

“Safer? Here? Yeah right! It will never be safe here! Think, Lily! I’m leaving, and that. Is. Final. could come with me.I mean, I know I’ve asked before, but, just think about it!”

A short gasp escaped her mouth. This had been her reaction before, but only at that moment, did I see fear...true fear in her eyes. She was terrified of the “outside world,” but I hope that she’s even more terrified of us splitting up.

“ I...It’s dangerous! You know that, Fira!”

“But the bond,” I begin to pace, as I shake my head at my sister, “Look, I don’t want to leave you here alone. I’ve done everything I can to keep us together and alive! Now, it’s up to you.” Lily sat down quickly. She had many fears, but I knew my sister was not a wimp. And she was just as interested in our past as I was.

“It could be our only chance to find out about our parents,” I whisper in a deathly soft voice. Her head whipped up quickly. Surprise echoed her petite features. Anger sat her eyes.

“They left us here. They didn’t want us! They didn’t love us!” She was furious now.

“Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. What if they didn’t leave us here? What if, we were stolen?”

Chapter Two

I finished packing. Everything I wasn’t much. A small amount of clothing, the food and cups I had saved from dinner over the past few weeks, and last but not least our necklaces. The only thing we had from our parents. We had kept them safe, and hidden from everyone. Then with tears prickling in my eyes, I tip toed over to my sister. My only friend. The person I had kept safe since I was old enough to realize what a dangerous situation we were in. The only one I could trust. I kneeled her mat, and shook her gently. To my surprise, she was already awake.

“I knew you were coming,” she whispered softly (we’re tuned into each other that way). She slipped out from under the blanket, a small, torn bag in her arms.
Lily was going with me.

We had been walking for hours, looking for a good spot to sleep for the night. All I knew at the moment was that we needed to get as far away from the orphanage as possible in one night. After living (if you can call it living) with that nightmare on my street for so many years, I knew that Headmistress would not realize we were gone until the afternoon, when she checked to make sure that no one stole any extra food, then gave us our regular beatings. Soon though, we would be able to rest, and right now, thats all I’m looking forward to.

Finally, after hours of walking through the tortuous woods, I found a small clearing, right by a river. I pulled out our blankets, and lay them down.

“We can have a short rest, for the night, but in the morning it’s right back to walking.” I told my yawning sister. She nodded, lay down on the grass, and snuggled into her blanket. I smiled at her, lay down, and stared at the beautiful night sky. I’d love to stay here longer. Enjoy this...perfection. But, I couldn’t. We couldn’t. For that matter, we couldn’t make anywhere our permanent home. We were runaways now.

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This is only a little bit of the story. I'll post more as I go!

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