Lucy's Dream

May 7, 2012
Once upon a time there was this little girl who lived in a small town. Her name was Lucy. She was only eleven years old. She had good parents that took care of her and tried to do everything they could for her but money was tough to get in that house. She had a bigger brother that was fourteen. He gave her a hard time. She never really had anyone to look up to. Her parents were always busy trying to work to earn money for food and to be able to get her and her brother something every now and then.

She had one thing that she was always passionate about and that she was singing. She sang from the time she got home from the time she went to sleep. She mostly sung Christian songs. She sang in all her free time. She even sang after dinner, before she went to bed. She sang to her horse every day after school for about an hour. She sang every chance she got.

She wanted to make a career out of it because, she enjoyed it so much. She wanted to go places and sing in front of big audiences now though. She wanted to travel. She didn’t want to get famous just yet, she liked her life just the way it was. And she didn’t want to leave her horse, because it was her life.

Her parents told her she was only dreaming that it could never happen. They would say she just needed to give up. They knew she was good but just didn’t think she was good enough. It made her really sad that not even her parents believed in her out of all people she wanted them to more than anyone.

One day her teacher told her about a local singing contest she gave her the paper for it and told her to go ask her parents about it, it would be this Saturday. She was so excited. She was praying that her parents would let her. Right when she got home she ran through the door so, happy yelling “Mom, mom! Look! Look at this form, just read it”, “Well?” she said staring at her mom. “Can I?” Her mom said “I don’t know, I’ll talk to your dad about it.” So later that night at supper they talked about it and they finally said yes. She was the happiest little girl in the world.

Later that week it was Friday and she had been working so hard all week on her song. So she stayed up really late then it was finally Saturday. The show was at six that evening. She got ready, and went down town to where they show was at. She knew it was her time to shine. She was going to show her parents. She thought that maybe now she had a chance to prove them wrong. So, when they got there she was nervously waiting for her turn to perform. They finally called her name, and she went up. She started singing her song, and the crowd got silent. Then, when she was done the crowd went crazy. Her parents finally knew how good she was, and that she was ready. They learned that loving means listening and she learned that she should never give up.

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