Wally's World

May 10, 2012
The lions roar! The monkeys chatter and the elephants blare like a bugle call. The clowns are running around spraying innocent children with water from fake cameras. The circus can be a fun place, if you stay with the group.

It seemed like an above average day in the life of Wally Kind. He was just your average six year old, doing what six year olds do: running everywhere, climbing, and playing “pretend.” How was he to know, that today would be the day his world would be turned upside down, but for now welcome to Wally’s World.

“Don’t worry guys! It looks like it is just up this next peak!” Wally proclaimed. ‘We should be at the gate to the Ice Cream Palace!”

“Good! It seems like we have been climbing for days!” stated a rock climber.

“Yeah! I am starving! I hope this ice cream is as good as you promised!” yelled another.

“Don’t worry guys! I am sure we will make it before lunch!” Wally replied. They fought to make their way up the Yellow Mountain of Death. They struggled for many hours, and they lost many men, but they prevailed in reaching the summit! They rushed through the gates.

“I want chocolate! I want strawberry! I want banana!” replied the group as they grabbed golden spoons from the silverware drawer.

“Jimmy! Jimmy!” yelled the voice in the distance.

“Oh no! They are coming to get me!” Jimmy cried. “Don’t let them get me, Wally! I love this place so much!”
“Don’t worry! I will protect you!” Wally promised.
As the strange being came closer, they prepped and ready for battle. The monster was coming up on them. With every step the monster took, they waited for the prime opportunity to unleash everything they had. “Jimmy! Jimmy!” the monster bellowed. It was almost in arms reach. It was now or never!
“Go!” yelped Wally. They pushed the monster away and slid down the mountain. The monster took all the ice cream and put it on the porch. Then walked over and picked Jimmy up and took him away into its metal death trap on wheels.
“Another man down… He served his country honorably,” Wally said sorrowfully.
“Wally, come inside! You are going to hurt yourself if you keep climbing that slide!. Not to mention that your parents should be here any minute now to come get you!” said a mysterious voice from inside a nearby cave. “Wally! Hurry Up! You still have to pack your book bag!”
“Yes, Kay…” Wally grumbled as he entered reality and trudged into his babysitter’s house. Wally then packed his book bag and waited on the porch for his mom to come pick him up after a half day of school. Then the leaves on the trees began to rustle, the dogs started barking, and a death trap rolled up!
“Wally! I have a surprise for you!” It sounded like his mother’s voice coming from inside the machine. “I’ll give it to you if you make it into the car in the next five seconds! Five! Four!” Wally sprinted as hard as he could, “Three! Two! One and a half! One and a quarter!” Wally grabbed the car door and swung it open and jumped inside. “Zero! PPPFFEEEAAWWW! You made it!”
Out of breath, he managed to squeeze out, “I made it! What’s my surprise?” She threw him an envelope, and he eagerly tore it open. “It’s just paper, Momma!” he said in disappointment.
“Come on, Wally! You know how to read!” she replied.
Sounding it out,” Ri-ng Li-ng Br-o-th-er’s Cir-cus. Ring Ling Brother’s Circus? Momma, what’s a circus?”
“That’s where we are going today! It is a show. It should be a great time! The have lions, tigers, and elephants! Trapeze artists and clowns! Doesn’t that sound like fun?”
“Yeah!” Wally answered. “We’d better hurry, Momma! The ticket says it starts in half an hour!”
“You’re right son, we have to leave now if we want to make it to our seats before the ring master comes out and introduces the show!” she exclaimed. She then turned on the car and drove to the circus.
As they went along, Wally was thinking, “It seems like she is hitting every bump and bird that crosses our path! I am scared for my life! I am not sure if I am going to live to see and attempt to battle the lions and elephants!” Then Wally whined, “Mom… Are we there yet?”
“We are! And we have to hurry! There are only two minutes until the show starts!” Mom said as she picked him up and sprinted into the building.
When they entered the Wally thought , “This room was amazing! It is like nothing I have ever seen before! There are so many people here!” It was at this moment when he saw what now would change his life forever. “Wow that is a huge mountain! Momma, can I climb it! Can I climb it?”
“Wally, that is a slide. You go down it. Not up. I don’t think you should. How about you take a ride on the elephants instead?” Mom offered.
“I don’t know Mom. The slide looks really fun!” Wally replied with that begging puppy look in his eyes.
“Well I guess we will figure out what you will do after the show. Now shh, it is starting!”
“Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! We proudly present The Ringling Brother’s Circus! It is now that I would like you silence all cell phones and enjoy the show! Now for our first act! The Vicious Jungle of Shangri La!” announced the ring master.
The lions roared, the monkeys chattered, and the elephants called like a bugle horn. As the circus goes on Wally’s anticipation to go on the slide grew. It was finally over It was time. He had entered Wally’s World. As Mother goes to ride the elephants; Wally had a different idea. He was off to conquer the ultimate feat, climbing the Mountain of Death.
He ran to the mountain. Wally’s sight was set to be the first boy to climb it. He only had a few more feet to go before he arrived. He was then stopped by the gate keeper.
“You shall not pass! You must be this tall to go down the slide!” boomed the gatekeeper. He then stared at Wally with a blank look in his eye and waited for him to move along.
Wally looked around. He checked over his shoulder and tried to get a glimpse of everything around him. It was at this moment he realized his mom wasn’t there anymore. He was going to have to live out the rest of his days as a carny or a clown. His mind was thinking of all of the jobs he could have and he then realized he could end up cleaning after the elephants! He cried as he screamed, “Mom! Mom! Mom! Help me find my momma!” He looked around. Then finally, a woman in her security outfit came to save the day. She picked Wally up and carried him to his mother. They were reunited at last. Wally wouldn’t be a carney after all. They stepped into the car and drove home. On the way Wally scolded, “Momma. I am never going to the circus again.”
She laughed as she replied, “You don’t have to. I will never bring you there ever again. Unless you decide to give it another try…”

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