Why Does The Clock Go Clockwise?

May 10, 2012
By AdamAladdin BRONZE, Cairo, California
AdamAladdin BRONZE, Cairo, California
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A: Why does the clock go clockwise?
B: Errm, because it has to?
A: Why doesn’t it get bored of going in the same direction infinitely?
B: … It just doesn’t. It’s how the clock was made!
A: Why was the clock made?
B: To help us know the time.
A: Why should we know the time?
B: … Because time is important in our lives.
A: Why is that?
B: Our lives are based on time. It’s how we make arrangements, how we know when to eat, sleep…
A (interrupting): Why are our lives based?
B: … What?
A: Why are we alive? Why are there lives?
B: ….. The universe is running in perfect balance, and we’re just a part of it. Our lives fulfill the balance.
A: Why is the universe running?
B: It has to!
A: Who runs the universe?
B: God, I guess.
A: Why is God?
B: I’m sorry?
A: Why is there a God?
B: Because God is the only one capable of running the universe, not to mention that God created us.
A: Why did God create us?
B: To worship Him and to construct and build.
A: Why do we worship Him?
B: To thank Him for all of his blessings. Everything around us is a blessing.
A: Why did he endue us with blessings?
B: To make our lives easier, because life is hard.
A: Why is life hard?
B: Because God is testing our faith and will.
A: Why is He testing our faith and will?
B: To compute us for our goods and sins.
A: Why?
B: Because there’s a judgment day, in which those who made good go to Heaven and those who made wrong go to H*ll.
A: Why is there a judgment day?
B: … It’s how time ends.
A: Why does time end?
B: … I don’t know.
A: … Clocks are weird. God is weird.
B: Yeah, I know.
A: But, I still didn’t know why does the clock go clockwise?

Tick, tock, tick, tock …

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