A Life of Being Bullied

May 11, 2012
By Jordan Smith BRONZE, Afton, Oklahoma
Jordan Smith BRONZE, Afton, Oklahoma
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Walking through the hallways is a challenge for a kid like me, being pushed around, and called names. It hurts, but I suppose I can handle it. I mean, it’s not like things will change if I decide that I can’t handle it. A lot of kids who have been bullied before ask why it had to be them, but I know exactly why: we are weaker, we’re vulnerable, and we have absolutely no power.

I’m a freshman in high school. Life at home is great, well, family-wise, that is. Things were better until everyone got phones and laptops. I used to be able to come home and find peace, get away from all the torture at school. Now, thanks to technology, bullies can get me from every angle. I guess I had it coming, considering I’m just some scrawny chump.

I have no friends in school. I haven’t had any friends in school since grade school. Back in elementary school, I had very few friends, but a few is better than none at all. One of them was Jason. Jason had, and still has, the most magnificent smile. He was perfect- until sixth grade. He became a jock. Started befriending the other jocks. Now his friends pin me to the wall and beat me until I bleed. Jason does nothing about it.

In fact, no one does anything about it. No one has ever done anything about it, and no one ever will. The teachers won’t even listen. Well, they won’t pay attention. I can’t tell on the bullies. Then I’d be considered a snitch, and they’d probably beat me to death. When I go home, my parents ask about my cuts and bruises. I laugh and give them some ridiculous story about how I “fell down the stairs again,” but then I just go up to my room and cry.

I knew crying wouldn’t fix it, so I took it to another level. My parents haven’t heard from me in a long time. They never will. People at school wonder where I’ve gone. It was all going well. The fact stayed hidden, until one day my mom got on my phone and laptop and saw the horrific messages that the bullies were sending me. She broke into tears and showed Dad, now they go to schools all over and speak out against bullying.

Hi, my name is Jamey Rodemeyer, and I’m a homosexual 14-year-old boy from New York. On September 22, 2011, I killed myself. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I hope reading this will open your eyes because bullying caused mine to close forever.

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